The History Of Air Conditioning

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We’re so used to having cool air at the push of a button we may forget there was a time when that wasn’t a reality. It’s fun to know where things came from and how we got where we are today. So while your enjoying your perfectly cooled office or home, check out “The History of Air Conditioning” infographic we’ve come up with, for a little nod to those who’ve made it possible. 1830 Long before air conditioning came along people tried interesting tactics to outsmart the weather. Bob Jenson Air Conditioning and Heating Inc. explores the history of air conditioning as one of man's greatest inventions. 1830: Dr. John Gorrie, a physician from Florida. attempted to build the first air conditioner that essentially blew air over a bucket of ice for cooling hospital rooms of patients suffering from malaria and yellow fever. 1881: After President James A. Garfield was shot by his assassin, naval engineers rigged an air conditioner to keep the dying president cool. A fan blew air over a box containing cloths soaked in icy water, cooling his room by twenty degrees. 1902: America engineer Willis Carrier invents an "apparatus for treating air" for a publishing company in Brooklyn, New York. Chilled coils were used in the machine to cool air and lower humidity to 55 percent. 1914: The first air-conditioned home was that of Charles Gates in Minneapolis. The flaw of these revolutionary units, however, was that they were bulky, expensive, and dangerous due to toxic ammonia that served as a coolant. 1921: Willis Carrier patents the centrifugal refrigeration machine, which was the first practical method of air conditioning large spaces. This revolutionized industries looking to control temperatures and humidity levels for food storage. 1922: Willis Carrier replaces the ammonia coolant with a the benign deilene coolant and also adds a central compressor to reduce the size of the unit. Post WWII: Window units appear with sales escalating from 74,000 units in 1948 to over a million in 1953 Today: Air conditioners are more efficient and eco-friendly than ever. Air conditioners are a revolutionary invention for climate control, and certainly one that is hard to imagine living without.





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