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The Feature of Mobile Games

THE GLOBAL MOBILE GAMES LANDSCAPE THE FEATURE OF MOIBLE GAMES BEST CASE FUTURE ENTERTAINMENT 2020 THE CONVERGENCE OF FILM AND GAMING Audio / Video implant 2017 Virtual character gets Oscar for Best Actor Argumented Reality standarts in metropols Alternate Reality Film Bot becomes CEO of 2014 LEAN BACK MOVE FORWARD JUMP IN ADD ON a major Holo Twin acts in real life Gameplay gets Oscar for Best Film Augmented Reality at sports grounds to enhance spectatos experience Full direct brain link 2011 Cinemas gain extra revenue by alowing internet attendance Photorealistic animated film / virtual stars Supercomputer as fast as human brain Simple voice command interface for home appliances First lifetrailer Holo Entertairimient Deck 2008 360° 3D Cinema „Minority Report" style New 3D cinema concept air displays Holographic Home Narrative Garhes Active contact tens Active virtual skin Artificial brain Fullbody Wii HDTV over broadband Entertainment Collaborative consume of 2005 Self destructing DVDS used for video hiring Virtual and real world can't be different any more Gaming 3.0 Virtual dynamic content syndicate individual content Video tattoos 2002 First game-star casted TV quality video screens built into clothes Entertainment All in One Virtual superstar with personality Gaming 2.0 In-Game Ad- Mobile TV vertising starts Gaming the movie Multiperspective films / Gamlrig 1.0 Mabile Games One Engine for films and Global Individual dynamic stories films / games BASE CASE Cinematic Games 3D films hit IMAX-cinema Global mobile broadband intemet broadband internet Next Generation Disks combine films and games ----War of Next- Hollywood directors sign Generation--game-production deals games Me in my personal Film Me in my personal Game Cinegaming First E-Sports broadcasted Daily Machinima TV Śoap Artificial Intelligence Game broadcasted on &TV 2002 Highest earning, celebrity is synthetic Avatar cosmetic surgery Digital x-ray glasses 80 percent of all entertainment contant is Al-produced DVDS 2005 First pre-conviction based on entertainment-habbits 30 percent of all celebrities are synthetic Conservative ad-industry blocks investments in In- Game-Advertising Emotionally reponsive loys Last human produced film and game released Vitual currency leads to first real financial crisis 2008 Thought recognition Audience gets used to violence First action man toys engaged in war games over networks Remote-cantrole device built into pets Emotional overload Creation of The- Matrix Orgasm by email 2011 E-Gaming prohibited Robots physically and mentally stronger than humans Addiction to online games is seen as a national problem First divorce due to virtual affair with computer game charkter First game-virus First marriage avatar / human 2014 First bot gets human „Running Man" style TV-shows using androids 2017 WORST CASE 2020 2017 SALES PREDICTIONS 2015 there will be over 2 BILLION SMART CONNECTED DEVICES WORLDWIDE and MARKET VALUE is estimated to be $735.1B 87 PERCENT of connected devices sales by 2017 will be TABLETS and SMARTPHONES NARTPHONES DESKTOPS 28.7% (2013) 16.5% (2017) 70.5% ((2017) 13% (2017) 11.8% (2013) 59.5% (2013) EMERGING TRENDS Potent Hybrid Phones HTML5 Chips Mobile THE PREDICTION IS "BETTER QUALITY GAMES" Mobile in 60 Seconds MULTIPLAVER 3,468 waves completed 208,333 minutes of 4,111 Angry Birds played Ads Tapped 17,111 54,212 O velti enemies killed LSC interactions on Gun Bros 5000 77,244 Wi-Fi connections 284,130 ants are smashed on Ant Smasher made oniPhone 51,937 on Android 400,710 Ad Requests 250,000 pieces of fruit are sliced S FRUIT COMBO +5 80 Copies of Fruit Ninja are sold 60 Seconds ASTES DURING 140,248 180 Million rich media coins are collected on ad requests Tiny Zoo Friends Industry tortor Ch adales sed lorem Vivam spendisse potenti. 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Nulla eu ero eMarketer. 2,000 lyrics played on Tunewiki 463 sMaeconas nec mi orci. mobile banking 34,597 $2,340 interactions in Europe ad dollars people are using Zinio spent in the U.S. MOBILE GAMES MONETIZATION WORLD MAP With close to $6 BN, Asia Pacific is the biggest mobile games market worldwide AVERAGE SPEND* AVERAGE AVERAGE SPEND* SPEND* 43м 27M 146M PLAYERS 65M PAYERS 129M PLAYERS 88M PLAYERS $1.27 PAYERS PAYERS $3.87 $4.40 NORTH AMERICA WESTERN EUROPE EASTERN EUROPE REVENUE 2013e REVENUE 2013e REVENUE 2013e $3.0BN $2.3BN $420M YoY Growth 38% YoY Growth 63% YoY Growth 39% LATIN AMERICA MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA ASIA PACIFIC REVENUE 2013e REVENUE 2013e REVENUE 2013e $400M $260M $5.9BN YoY Growth 33% YoY Growth 29% YoY Growth 25% AVERAGE SPEND* AVERAGE SPEND* AVERAGE SPEND* 29M 32M 172M 84M PLAYERS 105M PLAYERS 412M PLAYERS PAYERS PAYERS PAYERS $1.15 $0.67 $2.86 per month per paying mobile gamer GEOGRAPHIC APPEAL MATRIX NORTH AMERICA WESTERN EUROPE EASTERN EUROPE ASIA PACIFIC MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA LATIN AMERICA MOBILE GAMES MARKET SIZE Based on estimated mobile games revenue in 2013 GROWTH POTENTIAL Based on mobile games revenue CAGR 2012-2016 MONETIZATION POTENTIAL Based on share of payers and average spend per payer CPI LEVELS PER LOYAL GAMER IOS ANDROID ios ANDROID IOS ANDROID IOS ANDROID ANDROID IOS ANDROID AUSTRALIA ARGENTINA POLAND $2.55 $1.46 $2.33 $1.32 $1.62 $1.12 S. KOREA $3.70 $1.71 $1.20 $0.83 $1.89 $0.94 BRAZIL RUSSIA JAPAN MEXICO CPIS are averaged across country groups/conti nents OTHER OTHER COUNTRIES OTHER $1.19 $0.76 $1.39 $0.87 $1.11 $0.74 COUNTRIES COUNTRIES GLOBAL APPEAL SCORE FOR MOBILE GAME PUBLISHERS RESOURCES USE:- SOIBRAND 1) 2) INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTIONS 3) 4) TABLETS •OIIIII Mobclix %24 Publisher ** ** **

The Feature of Mobile Games

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We are exploring here The Feature of Mobile Games Concept with graphically and more widely to understand complete mobile games concept. We are leading of mobile games development company in India. Ple...




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