8 Best Applications To Make Money With Smartphones

8 smartphone applications to earn money

from the cost of the hardware to the monthly bill, it's no secret that smartphones are expensive. Even free apps are designed to entice you into buying expensive in���app purchases. Tip the scales in favor by checking out these apps to put money back into your pocket.


CheckPoints takes simple actions from you, like watching videos, checking in to stores or scanning bar codes, and assigns them a point value. The app also includes mini-games that give you a shot at winning hundreds or even thousands of points at once. Once you've banked a sufficient number p of points, you can redeem them for prizes ranging from Starbucks gift cards to high-end electronics.

2. Gigwalk

When you launch Gigwalk, your eye is immediately drawn to the colorful pins dotting the map, each representing a differentjob you can claim. Tasks range from simply using your phone to take and submit photos of a business to more complex tasks like interviewing shoppers. Payments range 9 from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars per task, and your payment is sent to PayPal within seven days of submitting an approved task.

3. Field agent

Field Agent takes mystery shopping mobile, pairing smartphone users with businesses willing to pay for their insight. Jobs include things like counting and reporting the number of out-of-stock items in a display or taking a survey. The payment amount varies, ranging from $3 to $12 per task, and first payments are made via PayPal.

4. endorse

Too busy to clip coupons? Endorse takes the hassle out of couponing by offering cash back from your everyday purchases. Open the app in the store to see what items are on discount, purchase those items, then upload a photo of your receipt to receive credit. Once your account reaches $25 the company will cut you a check, or you can cash out at any time to a PayPal account.

5. ipinion

The next time you�۪re waiting around the doctor's office or airport, turn your boredom into cash with iPinion. Each survey you do through the app is wortha certain number of points, which you can redeem for gift cards or cash. One

hundred points equals a dollar, and you can cash out once you've banked at V least 500 points.

6. Receipt hog

If you�۪re interested in using your rewards to do more than line your pocket, check out Receipt Hog. The app rewards you with coins for uploading photos of your grocery receipts and answering survey questions. Once you've earned enough coins, you can trade them in for a deposit to your paypal or a charitable donation.

7. easyshift

EasyShift is a microtask app, similar to Gigwalk and Field Agent, that enables users to complete short "shifts." Shifts involve completing a simple task, such as checking a product display or mystery-shopping at a business, and the money you earn can be paid out as often as every day 7 through PayPal.

8. ibotta

iBotta offers cash rewards for purchasing your favorite products. Common grocery items, like Pepperidge Farm cookies and Coca Cola products, appear in the app with a cash amount listed. To earn the reward. you have to select the items you want to buy and complete the mini-tasks required - usually

9 involving nothing more than reading a short blurb or answering a survey question - then select the store where you plan to make your purchase. Once you�۪ve bought the items, snap a photo of your receipt and upload it to iBotta to receive credit for your purchases.

8 Best Applications To Make Money With Smartphones

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