Pro Sport Salary Structures of the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL

Pro Sport Salary Structures

Visual Comparison between the NBA, MLB, NFL, & NHL

High Team Salary/ Low Team Salary/Median Salary

$92 Million Lakers/$44 Million Kings/$67 Million

$66 Million Bruins/ $46 Million Islanders/$59 Million

$207 Million Yankees/ $35 Million Pirates/$84 Million

$178.2 Million Redskins/$81 Million Buccanears/$123 Million

Average Team Salary in Millions/Number of Players per Team

Football 122/53

Baseball 90/25

Basketball 67/15

Hockey 57/23

Low Player Salary//High Player Salary

$400,000/ $33 Million Alex Rodriguez/Average $3.3 Million

$467,604/$24.8 Million Kobe Bryant/Average $5.765 Million

$320,000/$18 Million Tom Brady/ Average $1.9 Million

$500.000/$10 Million Vincent Lecavalier/Average $2.4 Million

% League Revenue to Player Contracts

Football 59.5%

Hockey 54-57%

Basketball 57%

Baseball 52%

Depending on revenue

Pro Sport Salary Structures of the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL

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This infographic by displays the salary structures of athletes of the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL pro sports leagues.
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