Outdoor Team Games for Kids

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01 Team Games

Hot Potato

Equipment Required: Grab balls

How to play

One or two 'catcher(s)' are chosen and the other players stand in a big spread out circle around them.

The players then throw (and catch) the grab balls,avoiding contact with the catcher(s).

The Catcher(s) aim is to tag any player whilst they are holding the grab ball.

If a player is caught holding the grab ball,or drops it,he/she becomes the catcher.

02 Team Games


Equipment required: Beanbags

How to play

Beanbags are scattered over the area and players run,skip or hop according to instruction.

When "Bonfire" is called out,players have to pick up a beanbag and run to make groups of four where there is one beanbag of each colour.

Beanbags are then stacked one on top of the other and "Alight!" is called out.

The aim is to be the first group to do this.

If various coloured beanbags are not available,simply aim to be the first group to stack four beanbags.

03 Team Games

Spider and Files

Equipment required: Hoop,Foam Balls

How to play

One player (the spider) stands in a hoop )it's web) in the centre of the playing area.

All other players carry two foam balls (flies) and move around the web in a circle,(hands holding foam balls on the shoulders of the person in front).

The spider says "I'm a spider in my web,if you don't feed me you'll be DEAD!".

The spider then chases the others.Once someone is tagged,they have to place one of their foam balls in the hoop,and the circle and chanting begins again.

When a player has lost both foam balls,he/she becomes the spider.

04 Team Games Sticky Toffee

Equipment required: Rubber Quoits

How to play

Sticky toffee is a version of tag,but when players are caught they hold the quoit of the chaser.

Choose a child to be the 'sticky toffee'each child has a quoit,apart from the sticky toffee.When the sticky toffee tags another plays,they join hands on the quoit to form a line.

The toffee must remain holding quoits when tagging the next player,who also joins the line.

When there are 4 players in sticky toffee,they split up into two pairs and carry on chasing.

The last person to be caught will then become the chaser (sticky toffee).

It is important for the children's safety to ensure that the chains do not become longer than 3 players.

05 Team Games

Shopping Baskets

Equipment Required: 4 Hoops,20 assorted items (balls,beanbags,quoits)


Shoppers are only allowed to take one item at a time.

Only one member from a team can collect shopping at any one time.

Shoppers cannot defend their baskets by blocking other players.

How to play

Place a hoop in all four corners of the activity area. These are the shopping baskets.

Scatter 15-20 items of shopping in the middle of the activity area.

Divide the players into 4 teams.Each team forms a line behind a shopping basket.

One child form each team collects an item of shopping from the centre,one item at a time,and places the item in their shopping basket.

On return to the line,the last shopper tags the next team member.The shoppers take it in turns to run for the shopping.

The game can be played until one team has filled their shopping basket or collected all the available items.

Change the pace of the game-"Collect your shopping-at a walk-at a jog-hopping on one leg-with only one hand.".

Alternatives Collect a specific item/coloured item.

06 Team Games Relays

Equipment Required: Cones,Beanbags or Quoits.

How to play

Play in teams of 3,4 or 5.

Place a cone,or beanbag at each end of the course for each team.

Players must always run (holding the beanbag or quoit) around these markets at each end of the course before handing over to the next team player.

Each team forms a line at the start of the course.

The first player from each teams travels up the course,around the end of the market before handing over to the next player.

Start by encouraging the players to walk the course.

The relay is finished when all players from the team have walked the course.

Then introduces skipping relays and eventually,running.

Outdoor Team Games for Kids

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Six fantastic outdoor games for kids to play this summer. Many reports suggest that children simply don’t get enough exercise, so here are 6 great outdoor games to get them active. The six games fea...
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