The Original 14 NFL Teams



In 1920, the American Professional Football Association was founded during a meeting at a Hupmobile car dealership in Canton, Ohio. Jim Thorpe was elected the league's first president. After several more meetings, the league's membership was formalized. The original teams were:

Founded 1908

Folded 1927

Based in Akron, OH

Home field League Park

League NFL


The team originated in 1908 as a semi-pro team named the Akron Indians, however the name was changed to the Pros in 1920 as the team set out to become a charter member of the American Professional Football Association.

Founded 1915

Folded 1929

Based in Buffalo, NY

Home field Bison Stadium

League NFL


The team had a turbulent early era; it operated under several different owners between the 1910s and 1920s and was called by many names. The franchise, experiencing financial problems in 1928, did not participate in league play.

Founded 1905

Folded 1926

Based in Canton, OH

Home field League Field

League NFL


In 1924, Sam Deutsch, the owner of the team called the Indians, bought the Canton Bulldogs and took the team nickname and players to his Cleveland franchise. These team was re-established in 1925, and the NFL considers the 1925-1926 Canton Bulldogs to be the same team as the 1920-1923 incarnation.

Founded 1920

Folded 1920

Based in Chicago, IL

Home field Cub's Park

League NFL


They played only in the first year of the NFL (1920) and, because of this, have the distinction of being the first NFL team to fold. They had a record of 2 wins, 5 losses and 1 tie. The team played its home games at Chicago's Wrigley Field (then called Cub's Park) and was the first NFL team to do so.

Founded 1931

Folded 1931

Based in Cleveland, OH

Home field Traveling team

League NFL


It was a professional football team in the NFL for the 1931 season. The 1931 team was a league-sponsored club that only played games on the road. The NFL intended to locate this team permanently in Cleveland; however, no suitable owner was found, so the franchise folded after just one season.

Founded 1901

Folded 1926

Based in Columbus, OH

Home field Traveling Team

League NFL


The origin of the name "Panhandles" was the Pennsylvania Railroad route from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Columbus called the "Panhandle Division," once owned by the Panhandle Railroad in the late 1800s.

Founded 1913

Folded 1929 to Brooklyn

Based in Dayton, OH

Home field Triangle Park

League NFL


The Triangles were based in Dayton, Ohio, and took their nickname from their home field, Triangle Park. They were the longest-lasting traveling team in the NFL (1920-1929) and the last such "road team" until the Dallas Texans in 1952.

Founded 1919

Folded Still running

Based in Chicago, IL

Home field Soldier Field

League NFL


Founded in Decatur, Ill., the team was originally called the Decatur Staleys, before it moved to Chicago in 1921. Along with the Arizona Cardinals (originally from Chicago), it is one of the only two remaining franchises from the NFL's founding.

Founded 1905

Folded 1921

Based in Detroit, MI

Home field Dinan Field

League NFL


Detroit, Michigan, had four early teams in the NFL before the Detroit Lions. The Heralds played until 1920, the Tigers in 1921 (they folded midseason), the Panthers from 1925-1926, and the Wolverines in 1928.

Founded 1919

Suspended 1926

Based in Hammond, IN

Home field Cub Park

League NFL


They played in the NFL as a traveling team. The Pros were established by Paul Parduhn and Dr. Alva Young, in the 1926 the NFL decided to scale down to 12 teams, getting rid of many of the smaller franchises, including the Pros.

Founded 1905

Folded 1925

Based in Muncie, IN

League APFL


The team evolved from the Congerville (Muncie) Athletic Club, which dates back to at least 1905. In 1916 the Congerville Athletic Club team and the Converville Flyers team merged and Muncie was represented by the Congerville Flyers.

Founded 1898

Based in Glendale, AZ

Home field University of Phoenix Stadium

League NFL


The team was established in Chicago in 1898 and was a charter member of the NFL in 1920. The team is the the oldest continuously run professional American football club in the United States. Along with the Chicago Bears, the club is one of two franchises still in operation since the league's founding.

Founded 1908

Folded 1925

Based in Rochester, NY

Home field Edgerton Park

League NFL


Formed as an amateur outfit by a rag-tag group of Rochester-area teenagers after the turn of the century, the team became known as the Jeffersons in reference to the locale of their playing field on Jefferson Avenue. The team folded after the 1925 NFL season.

Founded 1907

Folded 1926

Based in Rock Island, IL

Home field Browning Field

League NFL


Rock Island Independent played in Douglas Park and Browning Field. Walter Flanigan was the owner of the team from 1915 to 1923. Then Dale Johnson took over and owned the team until 1926, when the team eventually folded.

The Original 14 NFL Teams

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The original 14 NFL teams and where they went.
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