History of the UCF Mascot

UCF Mascot Timeline

A historic timeline about the many faces of the FTU/UCF mascot

April 5, 1968

The schools colors, black and gold, were chosen


The first unofficial FTU mascot, Citronaut

First featured on the student handbook

Created by Norman Van Meter, designer of the university's official seal

November 3, 1969

Vincent the Vulture

Inspired by the ever-present vultures that circled campus

Proposed by Judy Hines, a night nurse at the campus health center

Did not make final list of mascots voted on by SGA

Summer 1970

Students petition Student Government to establish an "official" mascot

"Operation Mascot" begins

December 4, 1970

"Knights of Pegasus" or "Knights" received 824 of 1,313 student votes

Entry designed by Charles Woodling

Profile of knight's head with a helmet was designed by FTU employee and graphic artist Dorthy Cannon


State Legislature changes the school's name to the University of Central Florida

First horse and rider appear

Kathi McCutheon was the knight and "Romeo" was the gallant steed


Sir Wins-A-Lot debuts at 1980 football game


Burt Reynolds donates a new black stallion


"Puff" or "Pete the Dragon"

Named after Director of Athletics Bill "Coach Pete" Peterson

Eric Young came up with the "Dragon" concept

Custom donated by Disney

The dragon and knight would duel on the field


The Future chronicled that a student proposed that UCF change its mascot to the "Sharks"

UCF Marketing Task Force - "Research shows little equity in or enthusiasm for the Knight mascot" and "It also raised unnecessary gender issues"


"Mack the Knight" introduced

Designed by former football letterman Derron Stultz

August 25, 1993

Argument for the change to "Sharks" reappears

October 20, 1993

Student poll conducted. Of the 914 votes received, 75% were opposed to "Sharks" and 67% were opposed to any change

November 19, 1994

A new, yet unnamed, towering knight mascot clad in gold armor was unveiled at the school's first Spirit Splash

The costume was made by Costume World of Pompano Beach

August 24, 1995

The knight mascot was officially named "Knightro"

The female version, "Glycerin" first appears


Dave Minichello of Wizzards Production creates the mold for the updated Knightro


Glycerin was retired

Golden glitter coat was added to the exterior of the costume


Creation of the Pegasus Mascot Program

All horses used required to be white


Engineering students create a motorized car for Knightro, called "Chariot II"


The athletic department drops "Golden" from the team name

Knightro's look is updated to resemble the new logo

Some students refer to the new character as "Train Face"

Knightro's name is added to the back of his cape


"World Famous" Lipizzaner Stallions tour agrees to provide their horses for the program

History of the UCF Mascot

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An infographic timeline on the history of the University of Central Florida school mascot.
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