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Wikipedia - Facts & Figures

Compiled by WIKIPEDIA И FACTS & FIGURES 維 VISION Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. That's our commitment. FIGURES More than More than 300,000 25,430,000 monthly active users articles More than 4,500 More than admins 95,730,000 of all types of pages More than 39,300,000 registered users More than More than 1,541,390,000 2,050,000 page edits since founded images WIKIPEDIA CONTENT BY SUBJECTS 15% Biographies and persons 14% Geography and places 12% Society and social sciences 30% Culture and Arts 11% History and events 9% Natural and Physical Sciences 1% Thought and Philosophy 4% Technology and Applied Science 1% Mathematics and logic 2% Religions and belief systems 2% Health TOP 10 LARGEST WIKIPEDIAS * English Russian 1. 4,176,230 articles 6. 974,619 articles 6. 4. 2. German O Spanish 2. 1,557, 163 articles 7. 973,626 articles 7. IFrench Polish 10. 5. 3. 1,358,382 articles 8. 3. 953,881 articles - Dutch • Japanese 4. 1,167,360 articles 9. 847,980 articles IItalian • Portuguese 5. 1,011,391 articles 10. 771,713 articles All language editions combined contain more than 24 million articles. FACTS Ranking 6th globally Wikipedia is a portmanteau of wiki (from the Hawaiian word wiki, meaning "quick") and encyclopedia. among all websites on Alexa and having an 2 Dictionary estimated 365 million readers worldwide. There is a Wikipedia Wikipedia has an official for children and people theme song which is known with learning disabilities ( as "Hotel Wikipedia". 87% It would take 16 years and 9 months to read entire of Wikipedia contributors English Wikipedia. are men. You can create a book Wikipedia has a list containing Wikipedia articles of your choice and export a printed copy. F*CK! of films that most frequently use the word "F*ck". TIMELINE March 2000 The Nupedia project was started. Its intention was to publish articles written by experts which would be licensed as free content. January 15, 2001 Wikipedia - a side-project of Nupedia, formally opened with the first international Wikipedias: the French, German, Catalan, August 2001 The first media report about Wikipedia appeared in the newspaper Wales on Sunday. Swedish, and Italian editions. September 11, 2001 The September 11 attacks spurred the appearance of breaking news stories on the homepage, as well as information boxes linking related articles. Jimmy Wales confirmed that Wikipedia would never run commercial advertising. The English Wikipedia passed 100,000 articles, while the next The Wikimedia Foundation was established, and Wikipedia adopted largest edition, the German Wikipedia, passed 10,000. its jigsaw world logo. The worldwide Wikipedia article pool continued to grow rapidly in 2004, doubling in size in 12 months, from under 500,000 articles in late 2003 to over 1 million in over 100 languages by the end of 2004. Wikipedia became the most popular Wikipedia's first multilingual and subject portals were established. reference website on the Internet, according to Hitwise, with the English Wikipedia alone exceeding 750,000 articles. March 1, 2006 The English Wikipedia gained its 1-millionth article, Jordanhill railway station. August 13, 2007 Wikipedia has over 5 million registered editor accounts. August 13, 2007 Wikipedia contained a combined total of 7.5 million articles. totalling 1.74 billion words in approximately 250 languages September 9, 2007 The English Wikipedia gained its 2-millionth article, El Hormiguero. August 13, 2007 The English Wikipedia gained articles at a steady rate of 1,700 a day, with the domain name ranked the 10th-busiest in the world. April 2008 The 10-millionth overall Wikipedia At the end of the year the English Wikipedia exceeded 2.5 million articles. article was created. August 2009 The number of articles in all Wikipedia editions had exceeded 14 million. August 17, 2009 The 3-millionth article on the English Wikipedia, Beate Eriksen, was created. December 27, 2009 The German Wikipedia exceeded 1 million articles. April 16, 2010 The 1-billionth Wikimedia project edit was performed on. September 21, 2010 French Wikipedia's 1-millionth article was created on. December 12, 2010 The English Wikipedia passed the 3.5-million-article mark. April 2, 2011 The English Wikipedia passed the 3,6-million-article. November 7, 2011 The German Wikipedia exceeded 100 million page edits November 24, 2011 The English Wikipedia attained 500 million page November 18, 2011 The English Wikipedia reached 3.8 million articles. edits. December 17, 2011 The Dutch Wikipedia exceeded 1 million articles. April 2012 Justin Knapp became the first single contributor to make over 1 million edits to Wikipedia. July 13, 2012 The English Wikipedia gained its 4-millionth article. January 22, 2013 February 2013 The Italian Wikipedia became the 5th language edition of Wikipedia to exceed 1 million articles Wikipedia contained a combined total of over 25 million mainspace articles across all 284 active language editions. February 2013 Wikipedia is the world's 6-most-popular website according to Alexa Internet. February 2013 It is estimated that Wikipedia receives more than 10 billion global pageviews every month, and attracts over 80 million unique monthly visitors from the United States alone. February 2013 On average, the Main Page of the English Wikipedia alone receives approximately 8 million global pageviews every day BY 2015, WIKIMEDIA PLANS TO.. increase Wikimedia's global reach to 1 billion people increase the number of articles in Wikipedia to 50 million increase the number of active editors 200,000 people to increase the number of female editors to 25% increase and diversify participation measure and improve quality of all Wikimedia content Data sources: Data compiled for you by in March 2013 WEBSITE MONITORING.COM 2013 2012 2011 2010 6007 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 0007

Wikipedia - Facts & Figures

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Interesting facts (history) and astonishing statistical data (users, articles, etc.) on Wikipedia.


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