Ten Most Common Profile Pics and Their Meaning

Most common 10 Profile Pics

{...and their meaning}

What does your online profile photo say about you?

1 The Duck Face

What it looks like:

A picture of a girl pressing her lips together in a combination of a pout and a pucker, giving the appearance of a duck.

What it means:

You like attention and you want to look cute and sexy with your duck face-a very clever trick.

Only one problem, EVERYONE and their grandma does it, so it just ends up looking hilarious.

2 The Couple shot

What it looks like:

A photo of someone and their significant other positioned uncomfortably close to each other, probably kissing on the cheek/lips.

What it means:

You just declared your love for your significant other and you want the world to know. It's kind of cute, except that it really just makes your friends want to vomit.

And, you have no life.

3 The Crop-out

What it looks like:

A photo of you with everyone else cropped out of your group photo, but you can still see small bits of body parts in the corners of the picture.

What it means:

You don't like the other people in your picture, but you "think" you look good in it, so you crop them out.

In reality, they've better looking than you and you don't want them to make you look bad.

4 The Throwback

What it looks like:

An old photo of you from many, many, MANY years ago.

What it means:

You have a strong appreciation for the past. You often daydream about the "good old days."

Basically, you've pretty boring.

5 The Pet lover

What it looks like:

A photo of a person holding their beloved pet or just the pet alone, usually a puppy.

What it means:

You have a kind heart and are a very caring person. You clearly love your pet a lot, maybe a little too much.

6 The Muscle Flexer

What it looks like:

A mirror shot of a guy flexing his muscles-either wearing a wife beater or nothing at all.

What it means:

You work out very hard and you take pride in your appearance. You also appreciate the aesthetic qualities in life.

In other words, you are narcissistic and insecure.

7 The Partier

What it looks like:

A picture taken at a party, holding a drink in each hand, looking like you are having the time of your life.

What it means:

You believe in living life to the fullest and you don't take things too seriously. You're not too afraid of what people think of you...that is until your employer finds out.

8 The World Traveler

What it looks like:

A photo of a person surrounded by children in a poor village in Africa or backpacking at some breathtaking remote location.

What it means:

Good for you! We all know you are a well-rounded and adventurous individual. You've been places most people haven't and you want to rub it in everyone's faces.

Good job, we're super jealous.

9 The Emo Headshot

What it looks like:

A high-angle photo of a person with black teased hair and heavy eyeliner, looking out into the distance with a somber look.

What it means:

You are suffering from teenabe angst. You might feel like you hate the world now

The good news is that this awkward stage in your life will eventually pass. If not, there's always a new vampire movie coming out to keep you company.

10 The Long Shot

What it looks like:

You are far away from the camera where you almost blend into the scenery.

What it means:

You are a private person, and often times prefer to spend time by yourself. You are also probably shy and take time to open up.

You are definitely planning something diabolical in the near future.

Ten Most Common Profile Pics and Their Meaning

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When you post a profile photo on your social media site, what is it saying about you? Is it a photo you dug out of your 10-year-old scrapbook when you were younger and cuter? Is it showing off your fa...
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