Social Media Demographics: Who Uses What Platforms?

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A massive survey of over 1,800 internet users reveals trends in social media usage across numerous platforms, ages, races, genders, population density and more. Which social media sites should you be focusing on for YOUR target market? All data derived from the Pew Research Center:




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WHICH DEMOGRAPHICS USE SOCIAL MEDIA? BY SEX 62% 71% BY AGE 18-29 83% 30-49 77% 50-64 52% 65+ 32% BY HOUSEHOLD INCOME >30K 72% 30-49K 65% 50-74K 66% 75K+ 66% BY POPULATION DENSITY URBAN 70% SUBURBAN 67% RURAL 61% BY EDUCATION LEVEL HIGH SCHOOL OR LESS 66% SOME COLLEGE 69% COLLEGE DEGREE 65% BY RACE WHITE 65% AFRICAN-AMERICAN 68% HISPANIC 72% WHICH NETWORKING SITES ARE MORE APPEALING TO SPECIFIC DEMOGRAPHICS? PINTEREST: Rural residents, women, whites, some level of college education or higher, middle to higher income INSTAGRAM: African-Americans, Hispanics, urban residents, 18-29 year olds, women FACEBOOK: Women, 18-29 year olds TWITTER: 18-29 year olds, African-Americans, urban residents WHICH SOCIAL MEDIA SITES DO ONLINE ADULTS USE? FACEBOOK 67% LINKEDIN 20% TWITTER 16% PINTEREST 15% INSTAGRAM 13% TUMBLR 6% INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA Unsurprisingly, stratification of age in social media use has remained the same since 2005: there has consistently been higher social networking usage amongst the youngest demographic (18-29 year olds), and less usage as age increases Although 18-29 year olds have always maintained the highest percentage of social media usage, their overall usage dropped for the first recorded time in December 2012, from 92% to 83% - their lowest recorded usage in over two years. While every demographic dropped its social media usage in December 2012, the only age demographic that increased its usage during that period was 30-49 year olds, who increased from 73% to 77%