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December 3

"Royal" now available

My latest theme; "Royal" is now available for download. It's another bare-bones style theme along the same lines as "Humidor" and "Gotham Nights."

Feel free to hack it anyway you see fit; all that I request is that you keep the logo (or link) at the bottom of the site.

To switch from logo to link, simply rename "footer-link.php" to "footer.php"

Also, there are a few different color versions of the shield up top for you to choose or manipulate. Just garb the one you want, tweak it and rename it "shield.gif." Drop the new version into the images directory to change.


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September 9

Welcome Humidor!

This is a simple wordpress theme that is easy to build upon. It's based from the previous design of my portfolio site that was part of the 50 Beautiful CSS-Based Web-Design in 2006.

Feel free to add, remove or tweak any part of the theme, just please keep the link back intact. Thanks and enjoy!

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September 9

Latest Site News

I know it's considered old school nowadays, but I've been thinking of getting some targeted business cards printed up. Why? Well here's the scenario... I run into random people quite often in need of design help. Sometimes it's a someone from a new startup needing some work, or a band or some mom-and-pop shop that needs some help. I like working on a variety of different projects - it keeps me sharp and sane.

The only issue is, I don't have a business card that works across all audiences. My card right now is very generic, trying to cover all bases and impress andyone enough to pick up the phone and give me a call.

I went to a concert a few weeks back, for the sole purpose of checking out one band and talking to one of the members specifically. It's hard to be prepared to chat with someone at a show - it's usually total chaos and hard to pin anyone down. Then when you do, good luck finding a pen or a scrap of paper to write down any info. I can't write on the back of one of my cards, cause whoops, it's printed double-sided.

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