How to Spot a Tumblr User

This Infographic describes the average Tumblr user. What they forget to mention is that most of them probably do not know how to set-up their own website.



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Tracking Tumblr How to spot a tumblr user With over 42.9 million blogs reblogging animated gifs and Ryan Gosling memes, this community of blogging fanatics has developed a unique language and quirks that set it apart from the rest of the Internet. use this guide to recognize those Tumblr users. 55% of Tumblr users are female. 74% of Tumblr users are most likely to identify themselves as caucasian 45% of Tumblr users are male. Badge or emblem denotes an allegiance to obscure comedies or dramas with extensive Tumblr "fandoms." Minimal expression lines due to obsessive use of animated gifs to convey emotions. Perpetual smug demeanor since hitting over 1,000 followers, now refers to self as "Tumblr famous." Mobile phone spontaneously combusts due to overuse of the bug-ridden Tumblr app. 60% of Tumblr users make under $50k. Always carries an html manual to perfect their theme. Carries a heart-shaped stamp to denote objects they 'like.' Use of unique vocabulary: friends are "followers," and embarrassing moments are gpoy (gratuitous pictures of yourself.) Tends to carry multiple cameras: one for their "ironic garbage photos" blog, and the other for their amateur photojournalist blog. LA Los Angeles is the most popular Tumblr city, so if you run into an angeleno, they can very likely to be a tumblr user. 26% of users are between 18 and 24.