Facebook Marketing Strategies

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This infographic provides different ways to market and engage fans on Facebook. It also provides examples of how to use each method.


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Facebook Marketing Strategies facebook Marketing Strategies FANS 1 Feature a Fan of the Month 2 Ask questions of your fans 3 Do market research 4 Ask for fan content 5 Ask fans to Share your content 6 Ask fans to Share on same day 7 Ask for their biggest challenge EVENTS 8 Debut a product launch 9 Throw an online party 10 Stream a press conference 11 Stream a panel webinar 12 Guest post on other pages 13 Host a scavenger hunt 14 Coordinate a joint challenge 15 Add a media room CONTEST 16 Award a prize to fans who share 17 Integrate contests on all social platforms 18 Host a joint contest 19 Crowdsource new product ideas 20 Crowdsource content 8 videos 21 Host a reality-television-type competition 22 Issue a fan challenge 23 Hold a Favorite Things contest ADS 24 Ask a question 25 Include a person's photo 26 Add a call to action 27 Target your ad to interests & likes 28 Local? Target geographically 29 Have ad clicks link to custom landing tab 30 Advertise an event 31 Include a video in ad SHARE 32 Reward fans who tag your biz 33 Link to an article, video, or resource 34 Give away a checklist 35 Offer a fan contest for sharing 36 Sponsor contest far charity: Pepsi Refresh 37 Add a Like box to your website 38 Host a video contest 39 Ask face-to-face contacts to Share QR CODES 40 Display on trade show signage 41 Link to page with product line 42 Show product options 43 Link to your website URL . 44 Map to store location 45 Link to welcome video 46 Display custom landing tab 47 Take buyers to virtual tour 48 Use on product packaging COLLABORATION 49 Guest post on clients' pages 50 Review colleagues' products 51 Host a panel chat 52 Joint contest & giveaways 53 Host a Facebook Shop Hop 54 Use Featured Likes 55 QR code link to joint info 56 Host a blog tour & integrate it ONGOING 57 Offer coupons for fans only 58 Display OR code on profile photo 59 Ask how you're doing 60 Host a photo contest 61 Use photo profile strip to display specials 62 Share, chars, share 63 Hold a monthly contest 64 Add special events to your page
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