The 9 Step Cheat Sheet for Facebook Graph Search Optimization

The 9 Step Cheat Sheet for Facebook Graph Search Optimization

1 Choose the Right Category

People find your company on Graph Search based on the category that you select for your page. It�۪s important to choose the category that best matches your business.

Accessing Categories. 1. Visit profile and click ���About�۝ 2. Click ���Edit�۝ next to ���Basic Info�۝ header 3. Select appropriate category 4. Click ���Save�۝ button

Gengeral categories include: Local Business or Place; Company, Organization or Institution; Brand or Product; Artist Brand or Public Figure; Entertainment; Cause or Community

2. Check Your Business Address

Graph Search results are often based on location. If you don�۪t have the address for your business correctly listed on your page, you�۪re not going to appear for location-based searches.

Be sure your address matches the exact way it appears on your company�۪s website. It if says 123N. 1st St., Don�۪t list it on your Facebook page as 123 North First Street.

3. Fill Out Entire Profile

Complete all fields in the About section of your company�۪s page. Doing this can improve Graph Search rankings and make it easier for people to understand how your business can help them.

Completely Fill Out- About, Mission, Description, Awards, Products

4. Include Important Keywords

Including keywords in your About section improves Graph Search rankings. In addition to the About section, occasionally put them in status updates as well as hashtags to boost Graph Search visibility.

Don�۪t try to stuff keywords into your About section and status updates. The primary goal is to communicate with Facebook users. The point is that using keywords now and then will improve Graph Search rankings.

5 Get More Likes

Get more people to Like and follow your company�۪s Facebook page. Businesses with lots of followers tend to get better Graph Search rankings.

Get more Likes by Offering things of value in exchange for Likes, Adding Like buttons on your website and blog, Advertising your page on Facebook, Running contests and promotions

6 Encourage Check-Ins

Check-ins allow people to share their location on Facebook through their smartphone. Getting lots of people checking in to your business can help to improve Graph Search rankings.

Get more Check-Ins by offering an incentive, including signage at your business, advertising your page on Facebook, simply asking people to check-in.

7 Post & Tag Photos & Videos

Facebook Graph Search makes it easy for people to search for photos and videos. Posting photos and videos and tagging your business page in them can improve Graph Search rankings.

Posting & Tagging Tips

Post images and videos several time a week, include keywords in photo and video descriptions, tag your business in photos and videos, don�۪t forget to tag timeline covers and profile pictures

8. Get a Username

See the unique URL? The ���RIghtOnNoBull�۝ portion of the URL is called a username. Having a username that matches your company�۪s name helps with Google search results, and experts believe it may help with Facebook Graph Search results.

Set Up Username

To set up a unique username-


You can then select your page and create a custom username.

Create one that is as close to the name of your business as possible.

9. Consider Professional Help

Save time and get it done right with help from Right On- No Bull Marketing.

The 9 Step Cheat Sheet for Facebook Graph Search Optimization

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See how to optimize your company's Facebook Page for Facebook's new search engine called Graph Search.
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