The 4 Cs of Social Media

The 4 C’s of Social Media illustrates how tech buyers and marketers are currently using social media, and how these four strategies can be used to get the most out of future social media efforts. The infographic was shaped by the results of UBM Tech’s 2013 Social Media @Work research report, which takes a deep dive into the role social media plays in the business technology market. The research was based on a survey taken by 462 IT buyers, as well as 155 b-to-b technology marketers conducted in late 2012.




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The 4 C's of Social Media How Tech Buyers Are Using Social Media Essential strategies to boost your next campaign proudly presents a new infographic to show the 4 most effective strategies to overcome a lack of resources and get social media campaigns ahead of the curve! CONTENT Sharing & using valued content is the glue for social media engagement and important in the early stages of researching technology purchases. 59% of technology professionals use social media to learn about new products,services and technologies 45% use social media to learn about new companies and brands Key Take Away Provide insights that match your customers' needs Review trending topics to capitalize on what's popular and participate in ongoing conversations. CONVERSATIONS More conversations,less promotion.Listen monitor and respond to your customers on social media,the quicker the better. IT Professional Say... 69% expect a response from vendors "within a day or two" 22% expect a response from vendors "within HOURS" IT Marketers Say... Only 51% Check social media mentions several times a day Only 39% use 3rd-party apps to monitor social media mentions of their company Key Take Away Listen to when,where and how IT Pros want to engage It doesn't have to be all sales all the time.Create monitoring streams for your strategic keywords.Look for interest signals like 'want','need','love' and strategically reach out when it's appropriate.Find influencers,join conversations. COMMUNITY Learning happens from peers and experts around similar professional roles, areas of need or interest,and discussion on real issues. IT Professionals Say 76% have NOT engaged with ads on social media networks IT Marketers Say 69% are not yet running ads on social networks Key Take Away Start a conversation! Community is built through high-value content,peer and thought leader exchange of ideas, and pros sharing advice and experiences - NOT ADS. CONNECTIONS All channels are not created equal;prioritize the social channels where your prospects and influencers spend time.LinkedIn is powerful for content;Twitter for news and new,quick bites;YouTube and Slideshare for how-to info;and Facebook for trends.Pulse your customers,test new social channels. Social Media Is Now A Top Information Source For Tech Pros-Personally & Professionally! 88% LinkedIn 62% Twitter 58% Youtube 52% Google+ 40% Facebook of tech professionals who use social media for personal & professional use Find Influencers To Build A Network Of Connections Key Take Away Target influencers who can spread your message.