The Worlds Ten Best Inventions of all Times

Worlds 10 Best Inventions

1439 Printing Press

1712 Steam Engine

1876 Telephone

1877 Phonograph

1878 Light Bulb

2nd Century Compass, Paper

1903 Airplanes

1941 Computer

1990 World Wide Web

World Wide Web

Year of Invention 1990


English Engineer Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Type: System of Interlinked Hypertext Documents Accessed via the Internet


View Web Pages that may contain Text, Images, Videos and other Multimedia, and Navigate between them via Hyperlinks

Year of Invention 1941 Computer

Inventor: Konrad Zuse

Type: General Purpose Type

Application: Education, Health, and Medicine, Business and Science


Year of Invention 1903

Inventor: Wright Brothers

Type: Powered Fixed-Wing Aircraft

Applications: Mailing/Shipping, War, Traveling Purposes

Year of invention 1878 Light Bulb

Inventor: Thomas Edison

Type Produces Light from Electricity

Application: To light up a Home, Office or a Factory.


Year of Invention 1877

Inventor: Thomas Edison

Type: Sound Recorder


1. Letter Writing, and All Kinds of Dictations without the aid of a Stenographer

2. Photographic books, which will speak to blind people without effort on their part

Year of Invention 1876 Telephone

Inventor: Scottish Engineer, Alexander Graham Bell

Type: Telecommunications Device

Use: Communications

Steam Engine

Year of Invention 1712

Inventor: Thomas Newcomen

Type: heat Engine

Use: Industrial Revolution, railway Industry

Year of Invention 1439 Printing Press

Inventor: German Blacksmith Goldsmith, J Johannes Guttenberg

Type: A Device Printing Ink Onto a Paper or Cloth

Use: making Newspaper

Compass Year of Invention: 2nd Century

Inventor: Han Dynasty

Type: Navigational Instrument

Use: Navigating a Forest, a Sea, or even a City

Year of Invention: 2nd Century Paper

Inventor: Han Dynasty

Type: Thin material

Use: Writing, printing, drawing or for packaging

The Worlds Ten Best Inventions of all Times

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Inventions makes people to lead a happy life. It saves people time and provides a means of communication among the people. World wide web is a best invention that attracts many people attention and i...
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