The Mariana Trench


0 FT: The black dot is an approximate scale representation of a 6+ foot tall person.

350 FT:Maximum diving depth of ablue whale, the largest known animal on earth. Large-sized, full grown adult represented on scale.

1250 FT:Height of the Empire State Building. If you were to drop the whole skyscraper into the Mariana Trench, It would be covered with water at this point.

3280 FT: After this point, light can no longer penetrate the water.

5280 FT:One mile under water.

13,120 FT:Beginning of the Abyssal Zone. Water pressure at this level reach around 11,000 pounds per square inch. Strange frightening-looking creatures inhabit these depths,such as the Fangtooth, the flashlight Fish, and the Anglerfish.

20,000 FT: The Hadal Zone, Pressure levels reach 16,000 pounds per square inch, over 1,100 times the amount of pressure on the surface. Although sparse, life exists at these levels.

31,000 FT: Average cruising altitude for a commercial airliner.For those that have viewed the height out of an airplane window, let this be a scale refference.

31,000 FT: The Challenger Deep, lowest known point in the ocean. It is believed there are lower undiscovered points, as only around 10% of the ocean has been mapped.

The Mariana Trench

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The Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench is the lowest known point of the ocean floor. Find out just how deep down it really is.
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