18 Amazing Facts About The Human Body

HUMAN BODY 18 Amazing Facts

Did you know that fat people make new blood vessels ? Or that circumcised foreskin can grow to monstrous proportions? Well, you will know that and more when you are finished with this infographic.

1 - Our stomach is full of digestive acid, strong enough to melt zinc. Don't worry though, the stomach lining renews itself so quickly that the acids don't have time to eat through that.

2 - Lungs consist of over 300,000 million capillaries which are tiny blood vessels. If they were laid out, they would span 1,500 miles.

3 - Testicles (An average man's) produce 10 million new sperm cells per day. That's enough new sperm to repopulate the entire planet in only 6 months!

4 - Human Bone (especially the femur) is about 4 times stronger than concrete. A cubic inch of bone can bear a load of 19,000lbs (over8.6 tons).

5 - Largest organ in a human body is skin, each person will shed off nearly 40 lbs of it in his or her lifetime.

6 - You go to sleep and wake up two different sizes, being tallest right after getting out of bed but shrinking during the day by being weighed down by the forces of gravity.

7 - On an average day, the focusing muscle of the eyes moves about 100,00 times. To put that in perspective, this would be the same as walking 50 miles ever day for your leg muscles.

8 - The average human body gives off enough heat in only a half hour to boil a half-gallon of water.

9 - If all the blood vessels in the human body were placed end to end, they would circle the globe with a combined length of over 25,000 miles.

10 - A postage-stamp sized piece of circumcised foreskin takes only 21 days to grow enough to cover 3 basketball courts. The lab-grown skin is used to treat burn patients.

11. Humans are the only mammals in the world that cannot breathe and swallow at the very same time.

12 - 7 new miles of blood vessels for every 1 pound of fat gained.

13 - When you blush, your stomach lining also reddens.

14 - In your lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools.

15 - In a female's ovaries, there are over 500,000 eggs but only 400 of them will ever get the chance to create a life.

16 - Sweaty feet: Your feet have about 500,000 sweat glands and have the ability to produce up to a pint of sweat each day.

17 - Your nose has quite the memory, and has the ability to remember 50,000 difference scents.

18 - The air from a sneeze can travel at unbelievable speeds of 100 mph or more!

18 Amazing Facts About The Human Body

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The femur is about 4 times stronger than concrete. A cubic inch of bone can bear a load of 19,000lbs.
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