How 9/11 Changed The Lives of American Muslims Forever

How 9/11 changed my life

For a muslim boy who was born in AMERICA on 9/11 here is a timeline related to events on that day that have affected him directly or indirectly and have changed his future

2001- He shares his birthday with one

of the most tragic days in

Americas history.

2001- patriot act This was signed into law on October

26 empowering the government to

spy on its own citizens, with little

checks and balances. He is now

underthe prying eyes of his local

police department, the FBI and NSA


Warrantless Wiretapping

President George W. Bush authorizedthe practice ot

eavesdropping on any

international phone calls made trom the

boy�۪s house as well as e-mails sent

2002- racial profiling during travel

Agencies began ranking

people based on their risk to

aviation. His traveling has

now changed forever. American

Muslims have been targeted

in the name ot airport security

(many times without case)

2002- Unconstitutional FBI Investigation

Guidelines relaxed to allow

investigations ot ordinary citizens

without suspicion of wrongdoing.

By birth, he is part of a group

that is the prime target of

these investigations.

2003- Department of Homeland

Security Created

The most significant government recognization

since the Cold War. its intelligence activities

have often violated rights of innocent citizens.

His father could get a visit trom DHS at anytime

without having done anything wrong.



According to a 2005 report bythe Council on

American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), anti-Muslim

hate crimes increased by more than 40 percem

in 2004. Members of his demographic group

reported hundreds of cases of unreasonable

arrests, detentions, searches seizures and

interrogations in that year.

2006- Gross Violation of Constitutional Rights

If he lived in southern california it was discovered this

year that his local mosque may have been

inliltrated by FBI agents or police otticers

working undercover to illegally gather

information on his community. Similar reports in

2007 about NY police were revealed in 2013.

2007- PRISM

According to leaks in' 2013, National

Security Agency (NSA) PRISM program

was irrplemented this year to gather info from emails.

2009- I Am A Muslim

A Columbia University Study found that Muslim

students in New York were now

hyper-conscious about being Muslim whether

they are religious or not.


Twitter WikiLeaks Court Order

WkiLeaks investigation prornpted a secret court

order for Twitter to reveal users information,

raising concerns tor all users, especially

Muslims, about illegal snooping on others


���Sports Venue Report�۝ NYPD

Associated Press reporters revealed information

that NYPD has been conducting illegal

surveillance on Muslim communities and the

places they gather, such as mosques as well as

sports venue. He is now being watched while

playing cricket or soccer in his neighborhood.


According to over 6000

US soldiers have lost their lives in the wars

in Afghanistan and Iraq- both of which we

relate to 9.11. That is more than double the deaths when the twin towers fell on top of every single American.

How 9/11 Changed The Lives of American Muslims Forever

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The 12 year anniversary of one of the most significant turning points in American history. Events related to 9/11 have defined the lives of millions across the world. While we understand that the a...
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