What Is A Cupola?

So many people do not know what a cupola actually is. Cupolas are modest decorative structures that are situated on a roof structure. First used in barns, cupolas now are seen everywhere on all sorts of structures. Although they are not utilized for ventilation today as much as for design improvement, cupolas are used everywhere around the world including far away places outside the United States. Cupolas generally have several sections: foundation, vents - frequently called louvers and the cap - which is usually ornamented with a weathervane or a finial. Typically, the cupola?s base contours or shapes to the particular shape and pitch of the roof structure, rendering it wholly included in the structure. The vents in a cupola are slats or other kinds of ventilation openings like small windows or louvers. There are often exterior openings like small windows that allow in air for venting. In many cases, these vents are covered in screens to keep out unwanted pest infestations as well as bugs. The cap on the cupola gives it its uniqueness, usually with a kind of geometric shape. To top it all off, a weathervane or final is added to the top or any other unique ornamental design you desire. Cupolas are typically made of wood - although some come in various other components like copper, aluminum, primed pine, Cyprus, oak, cedar and vinyl. Synthetic cupolas are extremely weather resistant and that's why they are quite popular now. Cedar shakes are oftentimes adorned on the exterior as well. They can be painted any color you choose so they are protected from the elements. . Cupolas are also on some of the oldest structures in history - appearing on cathedrals and mosques throughout Europe and the Middle East. And despite the fact that their beginnings are age-old, there is a cupola in space on the International Space Station - which at 31 inches wide, holds the record for the highest cupola in the world . Cupolas are very cool decorative items and look good on homes, barns outdoor sheds or even mosques and cathedrals.


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