Diagrams Rule: A Satirical Look at Infographics

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A visual representation of data which ideally provide an instantly understandable representation of that data. Does this form of informational media make information more clear or does it muddle relevant data into an easy-to-understand yet potentially inaccurate site-bite? This easy-to-understand yet potentially inaccurate infographic explores infographic trends.



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Infographics are a visual representation of information which can range drastically in their complexities, yet will always (at least attempt to) provide an instant and often universal explanation. Let�۪s see, shall we? 287 Infographics examined during the making of this infographic. That�۪s a lot of freakin info Arrows point to stuff. See that big text there? yeah. you did. cause it�۪s big. that is what makes it look important no matter what the content is. Diagramas Rule- especially when they are about your typical elements found in infographics. captivating, reading? ooo shiny! typography, eye sore, yay for infographics, graphics, boring, waste ���o�۪, irrelevant Infographics use maps to overgeneralize stuff. Cities where stuff happens. Places these cities don�۪t care about. 1 in 5 people are displayed this way in infographics. wtf? this is the same graph only in pie shape form. this was done to over emphasize a very simple point but now you think it�۪s really important. likelihood of seeing a cool angled bar graph 25% 05% 60% 10% typography along a path is dizzying- 3D graphs possess the power to make any and all data more credible because it looks complicated. horray!! less :( More! 5 hours/ 5 min amout of time it took to make this infographic as opposed to writing out these points.

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