Online Dating Statistics Infographic


There are 54 million singles in the United States

US Population (2011)
311 Million

Overall 8.8 million people have tried online dating.

It’s estimated that over 20 million people visit at least one online dating service a month.

52.4 percent of online dating users are male,
47.6 percent are female.

64% of online daters say common interests are the most important factor in finding a potential partner online.
49% say it is physical characteristics from photos and videos.

In the last year 17% of couples who married met on a dating site.
1 in 5 singles are currently in a committed relationship with someone they met on a dating site.

Do people believe in love at first sight?
71% Yes
20% No
9% Do not know
In America, men lie most about:
1. Age
2. Height
3. Income
Women lie most about
1. Weight
2. Physical Build
3. Age

According to surveys
1 in 3 women who meet men online have sex on the first encounter.
53% of people say they have dated more than one person simultaneously.

What’s more important on a first date?
30% Personality
23% Smile & Looks
14% Sense of Humor
10% Career & Education

On a date, do people think the person you’re dating is telling 100% of the truth?
Yes 22% No 78%
Would you date a work colleague?
Yes 67% No 24% Unsure 9%
Would you date someone 10+ years older than you?
Yes 59% No 37% Maybe 5%

What kind of hair color are people most attracted to?
Blonde 32%
Black 16%
Brown 16%
Gray 4%
Red 8%
Bald 8%
Don’t Mind 16%

Do girls prefer nice guys or bad guys?
Nice Guys 38%
Bad Guys 15%
Any man I can get 6%
A blend of both 34%
Neither 7%

What type do guys prefer?
The modern career girl 42%
The girl next door type 34%
The hottie 24%

Where’s the best place to meet women?
Acting Classes
Fitness Classes
Community Service & Volunteering
Organized Trips
Social Media & Dating Websites

Where’s the best place to meet men?
The Apple Store
The weight room in a gym
A sports bar on Sunday or Monday night
A grad-school coffee shop
A rock-climbing center

5 Tips for your first date
1. Hug your date at the beginning of the date
2. Put away your phone when you’re with your date.
3. Don't settle for dinner on the first date, do something more fun.
4. Have some conversation starters ready
5. Be flirtatious and relax.

Online Dating Statistics Infographic

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