How to know if she is Flirting with you

How To Know If She Is Flirting With You

When in doubt, look out for these:

1. Eye contact
She will constantly make eye contact with you

2. Comes back for more
She will try to get your attention by parading herself back and forth until you’ve noticed her.

3. Flirty lips
She will draw attention to her lips with any props she can find, whether it’s a straw from a drink or her fingers.

4. Corners you
She manages to corner or slip you away from the crowd.

5. Imitation
She mimics your movements as a human instinct and form of flattery.

6. Hair Play
She plays with her hair trying to distract you from everyone else to get your sole attention

7. Touching
She overpasses the ‘personal bubble’ and goes out on a limb by touching you, it’s a powerful physical sign of flirting.

8. First approaches
She takes a bold first approach to talk to you.

9. “Awwing” & “Ohhhing”
She says “aww” or “ohh” a lot after you do or say something, she things you’re cute.

10. Laughs at what you say
She’ll flirtatiously laugh to even the most silly things you say.

11. A cry for help
She’ll ask you for any sort of assistance form you, this way she’ll be indulging your psychological need to feel like a hero.

12. Closeness
She is out of her safe zone and remains close to you while during a conversation, however be cautious this might not be flirting when in crowded or noisy spaces.

13. Subtle double meanings
She’ll find ways to include double meant phrases in the conversation and most probably with an erotic connotation.

Flirting Facts
Did you know?

There are two types of flirting.
1. Flirting for fun
2. Flirting with intent

People who flirt have higher white blood-cell counts, which boost both immunity and health.

The hair flip is the most common flirt signal.

62% of drivers have flirted while on the road.

The “fan” during the Victorian era was commonly used as a tool for flirtation.

40% of online love seekers find it easier to flirt over IM or email.

Scientists say there are a total of 52 flirt signals so far.

Flirting, aside from Math and numbers, is a universal language.

Flirting will get you more attention that your looks: On average, someone sending out 35 flirtatious signals per hour will be approached by four romantic prospects during that time period.

It takes 3 to take a hint: You’ll have to look at someone three times before they’ll get the hint that you’re into them.

There is research showing that men tend to routinely mistake friendly behavior for flirting, so be careful and read the signs right.

How to know if she is Flirting with you

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Help guys get a clue or catch a hint when it comes to women flirting with them!
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