How To Have An Affair

How to have an


Affairs can be exhilarating, exciting, passionate &

romantic. They can also be damaging, destructive,

painful, time-wasting & demeaning

The truths about illicit affairs

30% to 60% 2% - 3%

of all married individuals will of all children are the product of

engage in infidelity at some infidelity and most of these children

point during their marriage are unknowingly raised by men who

are not their biological fathers

The internet, email and chat rooms

are making it easier for people to

engage in infidelity

Men are more likely to cheat than women but as

women become more financially independent,

they are starting to act more like men with

respect to infidelity

How to have a healthy affair

An affair can be a healthy act affair can provide that

shot of courage

The affair can generate greater

emotional honesty and mature For some, the affair provides a

behavior propellant for leaving

Rekindle the marriage

Paradoxically many people

are 'lonely' in their marriage An unanticipated consequence

to some affairs is that is leads to

Finding a lover who is also your revitalizing the marriage

confidante can alleviate that

feeling of social isolation

How to have a secret affair at work

Communicate in stealth Be professional

Avoid using an office phone or Avoid touching, lingering

a regular mobile phone, get a looks or intimate conversation

throwaway SIM

Don't leave any evidence No public display of


Undeleted email, lipstick

marks, misplaced underwear Always remember professionalism

and discretion - you never know

who is watching

How to have an affair and not get caught

Choose the right affair partner Avoid unusual or mysterious cell phone behavior

Your best option is to choose another married person or or abrupt changes to your normal schedules

someone who has to lose if the affair is found out

The Lovinglinks Podcasts

provide helpful advice

Treat your partner or spouse like royalty Do not place over emphasis in improving

your appearance

To keep them from suspecting that there is an affair

How To Have An Affair

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This is an infographic on how to have an affair. It is known that affairs can be exhilarating, exciting, passionate and romantic.
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