Gamers Get Girls

Gamers Get Girls

How Does Online Gaming Stack up Against Online Dating

It�۪s Bigger =1 Million Members

#1 Dating Site: eHarmony about 1 million members

#1 Gaming Site: World of Warcraft about 12 million members

It�۪s Younger

Online Dating Median Age: 48

Online Gaming Median Age: 32

It�۪s More Frequented = 1 hour per month

Online Dating Average: 1.4 Hours/Month

Online Gaming Average: 34.6 Hours/Month

Gaming by the Numbers: It is Bringing People Together

In a survey of World of Warcraft Players

74.7% are dating someone else who plays the game.

Only 33% of dating site users are dating someone from that site.

On, a man contacting 100 women can expect 1 reply back.

42 of 100 of women gamers find themselves attracted to another player.

A Survey of WoW Players Found: 14.9% of Players are single.

Compared to: 43% of Americans over 18 are single.

Of WoW Players Who Traveled to See One Another:

24.3% traveled over 30 miles to meet.

75.7 traveled 100+ miles to meet.

40% of players tell fellow gamers things they wouldn�۪t tell their friends.

So what is it about gaming?

Studies Show/Why Gaming Wins

Uncertainty as to whether a person likes you makes you interested in them./ If someone picks you as a match on a dating website, the uncertainty is gone.

Disinhibition effect makes people honest online/ People aren�۪t afraid to confess their feelings when they�۪re not face to face.

Men approached by women in a high-adrenaline situation are 37.5 more likely to feel attraction/ Battling demons and trolls with a girl is a bigger rush than grabbing coffee with her.

While you Game

Your brain�۪s ���Pleasure-Center�۝ releases feel-good dopamine.

Your decision-making speed is increased by 25%

What does this mean?

Gamers feel good and act quickly- No wonder they�۪re getting the girls.

Gamers Get Girls

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Most guys aren’t grinding away at their Level 45 Battle Mage in order to meet the ladies. But online gaming across the board is becoming more mainstream, and lots of people spend lots of time in vir...
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