Why Black Friday is Overrated and Cyber Monday Rules

Black Friday is the most famous day in American shopping history. But is it overrated? We think so. For years, the day after Thanksgiving has been all about outrageously long lines at Sears, Wal-Mart and every mall in the country. We’ve watched crazy YouTube videos of angry consumers getting into brawls as a way to foster the holiday spirit. Based on all the hype, you’d think nothing could compare to the madness of Black Friday. Think again. The Internet revolution is changing our holiday shopping behavior. Cyber Monday is going to surpass Black Friday as the busiest and most expensive day in the shopping year. Did you know that Cyber Monday sales in 2011 accounted for $1.25 Billion in one day alone, while Thanksgiving and Black Friday combined to generate $1.3 Billion? And Cyber Monday sales were up 33% last year from the previous year. All told, 106.9 Million users visited online retail sites during Cyber Monday last year, and even more will do it in 2012. And that’s sounds good to us. It’s way more appealing to surf the web and find the best deals in a few minutes than to spend hours waiting in line in the November rain. And we’re not even talking about the risk factor! We’ve never heard of a Google search resulting in a black eye. Here at National Positions, we’re always looking out for the latest trends in online consumer behavior. That’s why we’ve created an infographic guide to Cyber Monday and online shopping. Check it out


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