Triple X Diamonds - Are They Worth It?


An EXcellent tutorial on what gives a diamond the rating of EXcellence in

Polish, Symmetry and Cut

EXcellent Polish

Diamond Polish refers to how

smooth the outside surface of a

diamond has been polished.

When a diamond is cut and

polished, microscopic surface

defects may be created by the

polishing wheel, these defects

may disrupt light patterns as

the light rays enter and exit the


EXcellent = No Polish

Defects at l0x


EXcellent Symmetry

Diamond Symmetry refers to

how well aligned the facets of

a diamond are.

*Do the edges of the facets

on the top and bottom of

the diamond line up along

the girdle?

*Are the facets aligned

symmetrically around the diamond?

* EXcellent = No symmetry

defects visible at l0x


What is Triple X?

A Triple X diamond has been

graded by a laboratory

ハラモEXcellentハラン for three distinct


*EXcellent Cut

*EXcellent Polish

*EXcellent Symmetry

EXcellent Cut

Diamond Cut refers to the

proportions of the diamond.

Cut affects:

* Brilliance

* Fire

* Scintillation


Triple X Shapes

Triple X only refers to



*Round Brilliant Cut

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Triple X Diamonds - Are They Worth It?

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The Triple X Diamond is the most sought after diamond around. Excellent cut, excellent symmetry and excellent polish. But, does it really make a difference to have a triple X diamond? Can you tell a ...
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