Interesting Facts About Shoes

Very the ultimate guide to shoes
*Average number of shoes by gender
Men 12 pairs of shoes
Women 27 pairs of shoes
Average man size 9
Average woman size 6
• The UK spends around 6 Billion pounds per year on shoes
• UK has 2144 different styles of shoes to sell
• If you wore 1 pair a day it would take 6 years to wear them all
• 4% of women’s shoes are red
• 33% are black
• We have 22 different colors to choose from
• 14% of women have a pair of shoes for every day of the month
• Average life of your trainers is 400 miles

• That’s right around 4000 hrs of running although most people change them after 200 miles

Shoe Trivia
The Stiletto
Is said to have been invented by Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo. He famously made a pair of stiletto pumps encrusted with red Swarovski crystals for Marilyn Monroe in 1950s.
Most Expensive Shoes
The most ever spent on a pair of shoes was at auction $665,000, for Judy Garland’s ruby red slippers from the 1939 film ‘The wizard of Oz’
St Crispin
Is the patron saint of shoemakers.
St Crispin’s day is the 25th of October
Largest Shoe Collection
Former first lady Imelda Marcos is listed by The Guinness Book of World Records as having the largest collection of shoes, around 3,400 pairs.
Largest Collection of Converse Trainers
A woman in Florida owns a staggering 733 pairs of Converse sneakers. Penny Gold a retired teacher has spent 15 years and $15,000 on her collection.
On average, women purchase four pairs of shoes a year
188 pairs in your working life
Your feet contain:
25% of your bones. 26 bone,
33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles
43% close to half of the female population (43%) has been injured by their shoes.
31,680 pounds One study put the cost of this nations shoe love at 31,680 pounds to cover the purchase price for all the pairs brought by a woman over a lifetime.
Biggest feet copared to average
World biggest feet brahim takioullah
Born morocco
European size 58 shoes at cost of nearly 3000 pounds He is also the second tallest man alive at 8’1”
Largest Pair of shoes
Marikina City of Philippines
One shoe measures
5.29 meters long and
2,37 meters width

Interesting Facts About Shoes

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We all love shoes and boots, from sparkling stilettos to cosy yet chic Uggs, but how many different kinds of shoes do your favourite retailers stock, who buys them and what are the most popular colour...
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