How to Choose the Best Cross-Training Shoe for You

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A good cross-trainer can make your workout much more comfortable. But finding the perfect fit can be tricky. Find out what to look for.


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HOW TO Choose the Best CROSS-TRAINING SHOE for You Cross-trainers provide comfort, stability and protection for a large variety of sports and workout regimens. And, knowing how to choose the right cross-trainer for your feet can make your workout even more pleasant. ARCH ARCH Keeps Your Feet in Position Have a normal or high arch? Choose cushioned cross-trainers. These offer more protection and keep the foot in a solid position. Have a flat arch? Pick stability shoes. These help force your feet into a more natural position. OUTSOLES Provide Cushion and Absorb Impact Look for thick, wide soles that allow for stability in side-to-side movement. Outsoles Uppers UPPERS Need extra ankle support? Choose leather uppers. Have sweaty feet? Go with mesh uppers, which allow your feet to breathe. Buyers' TIPS TIMING 00:00 Aim to replace your shoes after 80 - 100 workout hours. Shop for shoes in the afternoon. Your feet are bigger later in the day. FIT Leave 1/4-inch of space between the top of the longest toes and the end of the shoe. Shoe should be wide enough so the foot doesn't stretch the upper. Heel may move but should never slip in and out of the shoe. Choose shoes that are comfortable. Don't rely on a "break-in" period.