Should I Go to the Gym?

Should I Go To The Gym?

Is it possible to go later?
Yes No


I'II definitely do that Is it cold outside?
No Yes

Is hot outside?
No Yes

Is it raining, snowing, sleeting,
haling, windy, or is the UV Index
mildly-to-abnormally high?
No Yes

Is there grater than a 10%
chance of any of those
things happening?
No Yes

Will walking there make me
too tired to workout?
Yes No

Has it been long enough
that showing up will just be embarrassing?
Yes No

Have I eaten anything in the past hour?
No Yes

Should I Really be Should I really be working out
working out on an empty on a full stomach?
No It'ls probably Fine. No

Are my gym clothes clean?
No Yes

Is my IPod charged?
No Yes

Am I sick of the 10,000 songs on my iPod
No Yes

Am I expecting any packages, emails or
Important phone calls?
No Yes

Am I caught up on all the
episodes of Breaking Bad
in my DVR?

Yes No

Have I talked to my
Parents recently?
Yes No

Is there any chore I could do
that I would normally put off doing?
Is it a religious or other kind of holiday for
which there is the slightest chance
that the gym is closed?
No Yes

Is the terror threat level elevated?
No Yes

Is it possible the gym is
currently being overrun by
Yes No, that's stupid.
Zombies don't exist.

Can I really be sure of that though?
Hmm i guess not Yes

Haven't I burned just as
many calories trying to come
up with excuses for not going
to the gym?


I shouldn't go to the gym

Should I Go to the Gym?

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This flowchart helps you justify breaking your New Year's resolution to stop being a fat ass.
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