Men vs Women - Who are the better drivers?

Women have historically been favoured by insurance companies when it comes to driving habits, but are they really better drivers than men? If you'd like to use our "Men vs Women" infographic on your website, please use the following embed code: <img src="" border="0" usemap="#Map" /><map name="Map" id="Map"><area shape="rect" coords="283,2981,594,3626" href="" alt="Women's car insurance from Direct Line" /><area shape="rect" coords="5,4598,596,5425" href="" alt="Direct Line Car Insurance" /></map>



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MEN VS WOMEN WHO ARE THE BETTER DRIVERS? RISKY DRIVING HABITS Driving 35mph or faster in a 30mph zone. MALE DRIVERS ARE 50% MORE LIKELY to commit this crime once a week or more often. over 30 MPH once a day 16% of men 5% of women several times a week 14% of men 9% of women once a week 15% of men 17% of women once a month 10% of men 12% of women less than once a month 16% of men 23% of women never 27% of men 32% of women did not answer 2% of men 2% of women Driving faster than 60mph on a rural road 3 IN 10 MALE DRIVERS drive faster than 60mph on rural roads once a week or more often, compared to just one in 10 female drivers TWICE as MANY male drivers as female drivers admit overtaking when they can't see what is coming. DRINK & DRIVE in the last 12 months HOW MUCH ALCOHOL HAVE YOU DRUNK BEFORE DRIVING? None: 41% of men 58% of women 1 small glass of wine or equivalent: 17% of men 28% of women 2 small glasses of wine or equivalent: 25% of men 11% of women 3 small glasses of wine or equivalent: 8% of men 8% of women 4 small glasses of wine or equivalent: 9% of men 1% of women DRIVING ON LITTLE SLEEP MORE MEN THAN WOMEN take to the road having had dangerously little sleep the night before. 5 IN 10 male drivers 4 IN 10 female drivers have driven after less than 5 HRS OF SLEEP the night before. CAR CHECKS MORE WOMEN THAN MEN are failing to complete simple but life saving checks on their car lights, indicators and tires 26% male drivers compared to 12% female drivers check their lights and indications work properly at least ONCE A WEEK 32% male drivers compared to 10% female drivers check their car tires have legal tread depth, the right tire pressure and no worrying cracks or bulges at least ONCE A WEEK. IN CAR DISTRACTIONS 1 in 6 MALE DRIVERS eats a meal at least once a week whilst they are driving compared to 1 in 12 FEMALE DRIVERS INSURANCE MATTERS INSURANCE PRODUCTS are often made available at DIFFERENT PRICES to men and women because of their different risks. Men tend to pay more for car insurance because they are generally more dangerous drivers. Women are typically charged more for health insurance because they tend to live longer. The ECJ has now ruled that this breaks the EU's laws on gender equality and must stop by 21 December 2012