Geek vs Hipster

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Comparing the typical hipster with your vision of what a geek is.




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GEEK vs HIPSTER Geeks and hipsters: mortal enemies locked in an eternal struggle over irony versus earnestness. But, how diFferent are they? Geeks are obsessive and their love is genuine. Geeks love their franchises not because of how ironically fashionable they are but because of the subjective impression they left on the individual. A geeks love is genuine while a hipsters is trendy. Hipsters are dismissive. They sort through the detritus of pop culture. appropriate what they find appealing in its quirkiness. cultivating an aesthetic that considers all but allows surprisingly little. They are ironic and thrive in their vintage lifestyles. Because of hipsters. the geek culture is returning to the mainstream but for different reasons. MlIk..ponttob�ۢ Geeks Have a specific area of interest/lifestyle where they have expertise. Their knowledge can range from mundane to human encyclopedia Can be pretentious and long-winded An early adopter Fan of gadgets and all forms of technology Geek Interests: Video Games Film Collecting Gadgets Technology Computing Coding/Hacking Techno Music Screen Printing (Hipsters) Rebellious and often reject the culturally ignorant attitudes of mainstream society They follow an independent culture and somewhat bohemian lifestyle Make a point to be environment friendly Most live in the middle or upper middle class Acts carefree They are very keen on contributing to the development of the society Majority of them smoke cigarettes and drink beer, often prowling for the rare kinds Portrays a creative and artistic lifestyle Thrives in the past Hipster Interests: Art Blogs Music Photography Shark Week Thrift Stores Graphic Design Fashion Geek: Not trendy. Wear it genuinely. Glasses ���because they need them Graohic T's ���bands, video games, etc. that they love Messenger Bag ���filled with tech gear Skinny Jeans -for skinny legs Multi-use digital watch Hipster: Appropriate other cultures for their own ���ironic�۝ style. Vintage ���old school look Skinny Jeans & Cut-offs Facial/Chest Hair ���rugged look Accessories ���bracelets, necklaces, rings and piercings Glasses -iconic/trendy Funky Shoes Visible Tattoos -adds some roughness Funky Shoes Fashions go through three phases: 1 - in-fashion 2 - out-of-fashion 3 - ironically-in-fashion, before becoming fashionable again. It�۪s the third phase of fashion where hipsters come in. Music (Geeks) * Led Zeppelin * Blue Oyster Cult * Techno * Daft Punk * Tribe Called Quest * Rush * Dragonforce * Weezer * Stan Bush (Hipsters) * Fleet Foxes * The Clash * New Order * Sigur Ros * Johnny Cash * Iron and Wine * Joanna Newsom * Beach House * Bon Iver Movies (GEEKS) STAR WARS STAR TREK SHAUN OF THE DEAD THE FIFTH ELEMENT BACK TO THE FUTURE TRON (HIPSTERS) GARDEN STATE LIFE AQUATIC DONNIE DARKO ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND ONCE RUSHMORE Stats 17% of Americans identify as Geeks 65% of video game designers identify as geeks 50% of tech engineers identify as geeks 37% of bloggers identify as geeks 31% of people think geeks have a higher chance of being successful Brought to you by: and Geeks are Sexy Tech, Science & Social News