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The Funniest And Weirdest Ways People Have Actually Died



Allan Pinkerton, the founder of the famous Pinkerton detective agency, died in Chicago 1884 after he slipped on the pavement and severely bit down on his tongue.


Hans Steininger, from Austria, was famous for two things : 1 ) having the world s longest beard ( four feet and seven inches long ), and 2 ) for dying due to his beard. In 1567, there was a fire in Hans town and from his haste he forgot to roll up his beard. By accidentally stepping on his beard. lost his balance stumbled, and died after falling and breaking his

Due to the painful bite, his tongue became infected with gangrene. which resulted in : : his untimely death.


Famous Tennessee whiskey distiller Jack Daniel, died of blood poisoning that originated in his toe. One early morning in 1911. Jack Daniel kicked his office safe in anger, because he couldn t remember the combination to open it. That anger and a powerful kick to the safe resulted in an infection in his toe and ultimately 3 ! Jack s death ! Jack Daniel s last words were. One last drink, please.

neck !


Draco was the first legislator of Athens in Ancient Greece, and whose legacy is known for its harshness ( thus the term draconian is often related to unforgiving rules or laws ). Draco s death in the 7th century B. C. came about when he was smothered by a downpour of cloaks, hats, and shirts thrown as gifts by his appreciative supporters at the Aeginetan theater.


EleazarAvaran,abiblicalhero.was killed in 162003 B. C. by an el ephant in the battle of Beth - zech ariah. According to 1 Maccabees 6 : 43 - 46. in order to defeat King AntiochusV.Eleazarrushedintobattle thrusting his spear into the belly of the king s elephant. The elephant died and fell on top ofEleazarkilling him also.


Tycho Brahe, a Danish nobleman, was known for his comprehensive astro nomical research. Tycho died October 24. 1601 from bladder complications after attending a banquet where he re fused to use the restroom knowing that it was impolite to leave before the meal was done. After the banquet Tycho no longer was able to urinate, and ten days later he died. It is reported that he wrote his own epitaph stating He lived like a sage and died like a fool.


At the top of the 5th inning, Ray Chappie Chapman, shortstop for the Cleveland Indians baseball team, was hit by a submarine ball thrown by Carl Mays. The baseball hit Chapman in the temple. Chap man collapsed and died August 17.1920about 12 hours later. He remains the only baseball player killed by a pitched ball.


On July 2. 1903, Ed Delahanty. a Hall of Fame baseball player for the Philadelphia Phillies, was kicked off a train by the conductor due to being drunk and violent. After Ed got off the train he drunkenly wandered across a bridge in New York and eventually fell off and into a river. Unfortunately. the river lead him to Niagara Falls.


On October 17. 1814 the Meux and Company Brewery had huge vats of beer rupture and rush into the streets of Tottenham Court road. In total, 322002. 0 gallons flooded the town, and eight people drowned in the beer or died from injuries. To this day the incident is referred as the London Beer Flood.


George Herbert, an Egyptologist who helped uncover the tomb of Tutankha mun, died mysteriously on April 5. 1923 after being bit by a mosquito. Allegedly many felt his death was caused by the Mummy s Curse, which was perpetu ated by a public warning a few weeks earlier by novelist Mari Coretti. Mari stated there would be dire consequences for anyone who entered Tutankhamun tomb.


Kenji Urada worked at a plant in Tokyo that was operated by 50. 0 industrial robots. On July 4. 1981. Kenji failed to completely turn off a malfunctioning robot he was fixing. Due to his error the broken robot pushed him into a grindkag machine with its hydraulic arm. Kenji is known as one of the first people to ever be killed by arrobot.


David Grundman in 1982 fired several close range shots with his shotgun at a Saguaro Cactus. The cacti, which stood 26 feet tall. dropped a four foot branch on top of Grundham s head - - Ultimately crushing him to death.. Grundman s death is immortalized in the song Sagura.written by the Texas band, the Austin Lounge Lizards.


The Chinese poet Li Po was well known for creating his famous poetry intoxicated. One drunken evening while in his boat on the Yangtze River. Li Po fell in love with the moon.


Adolf Frederick, the king of Sweden, ate himself to death in 1771 after having a meal consist ing of lobster, caviar, sauerkraut, cabbage soup, smoked herring. champagne, and 14 servings of his favorite dessert, Selma ( bread dipped in bowl of hot milk ). He is known by Swedish children as The king that ate - himself to death.

In his desperation to embrace : his newfound lover he fell into the river and drowned.


On 24 March 1975. Alex Mitchell passed away after watching the Kung Fu Kapers episode of The Goodies. Reportedly due to the T. V. episode, Mitchell laughed con tinuously for twenty - five minutes. and finally fell dead on the sofa from heart failure. His widow later sent a thank you letter to The Goodies for... making Mitchell final moments of life so pleasant


Bobby Leach was the ultimate dare devil. He was the second man to go over Niagara Falls in a metal barrel, and he performed many other terrify ing stunts such as swimming in whirl pool rapids. However, his outrageous stunts would not keep him from the dangers of slipping. In 1926 while walking down the road, 3gbby slipped on an orange peel The fall injured his leg and caused it to become infected with gangrene. He died a short while after.


In 1911. Franz Reichelt decided to try out his new invention - - the first overcoat parachute. To test his new coat Reichelt decided to jump from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately. his invention was less than perfect and it did not succeed in slowing his descent Reichelt died instantly on impact


Two compulsive hoarders, Homer and Langley Collyer, set up boo by - traps to protect their stuff from intruders. One unfortunate day in 1947. as Langley was crawling through a tunnel of garbage, he set off one of his own booby traps. Langley was crushed under tons of garbage and his paralyzed brother starved because he was unable to feed himself.


August 7. 1997. at a beach in Buxton, North Carolina, Daniel Jones decided to dig an 8 - foot deep hole in the sand and sit in the bottom of it. The hole col lapsed in on him trapping him un derneath. Several beachgoers at tempted to dig him out, but it wasn t until heavy equipment was brought in that he was freed. by which time it was too late.


In February 1997. Santiago Al varado was burglarizing a bicycle shop in Lompoc, California. To keep his hands free while on the store s roof Santiago had placed a flashlight in his mouth. Unfortu nately, death found him when he fell face first onto the floor and the flashlight crushed through his skull..


Paul Stiller and his wife on September 30. 1996 were bored and intoxicated. To cure their boredom they decided to go for a midnight drive - - with a couple sticks of dynamite. Their brilliant idea was to light the dynamite and throw it out the window. However, due to their inebriated state they forgot to roll down the car s window. The incident killed Paul and put bis wife in critical condition.


There are many people who own snakes as pets. However, unlike Robert Paulerson from Florida. most people don t own an 11 foot pet python. In 1999 Robert had re moved his pet from his cage to feed him, when the hungry snake bit him on the forehead. Robert was found dead in his apartment with his pet snake entwined around his suffocated body


On March 30. 1997. Vichai Thong to from Ratchaburj. Thailand was was feeding the family s four pea cocks when one clawed at his head. Vichal soon began suffering headaches and fell into a coma. A hospital scan showed a blood clot on Vichai s brain due to the peacock s scratch. Unfortunately. Vichai died the next day.

DEODORANT HEART - ATTACK Jonathan Capewell from Oldham. England became obsessed with smelling fresh and would cover his entire body in deodorant at least twice a day. He died July 28, 1998 from a heart attack after the deodorant gases built up in his body over months of repeatedly spraying himself in his unventilated bedroom.


Emma Black from Plymouth. Devon. had been heavily drinking on a ferry from Spain to England when she plunged to her death in 2003. Appar ently, her untimely death occurred after she stretched her arms out in the famous Kate Winslet pose from the Ti tanic movie. The pose caused Emma to lose her balance and fall from the ninth deck into the water Her body washed up on the French coast eight months later


On April 23, 2002 witnesses told police that Roderick de la Cruz, of Caloocan City, Phil ippines, shook uncontrollably as electric current ripped through his body after he had bragged that he had a way with electricity like no other. To prove that he could control electricity Roderick touched a live wire. Roderick, who sustained third degree burns in most parts of his body was rushed to the hospital but died before reaching the Dr. Jose Rodriguez Memorial Hospital


Goro Ito, a man from the Saitama Prefecture in Japan, died after his pet hamster called Aiko - whose name translates as little love bit him. An autopsy on Goro showed that he had died after reacting to a protein in the hamster

The Funniest And Weirdest Ways People Have Actually Died

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