8 Humorous Drawbacks to Cubicle Working

Five O'Clock Fred Presents:

8 Drawbacks to Working

in a Cubicle

1 The walls are too

close together for

the hammock to

work right.

2 Prison cells are not only

bigger, they have beds.

3 Being told to "think

outside the box" when

you're in a freakin'

box all day long.

4 23 power cords - 1 outlet. Enough said.

5 The carpet has been

there since 1976 and

shows more signs of life

than your coworkers.

6 Fabric cubicle

walls do not

offer much


from any kind

of gunfire.

7 You always have the

feeling that someone is

watching you, but by

the time you turn to

look they're gone.

8 If you talk to yourself it causes all the surrounding

cubicle inhabitants to pop their heads over the wall

and say, "What? I didn't hear you."

Graphic Brought to you by: EQA

8 Humorous Drawbacks to Cubicle Working

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Ever find yourself frustrated by your cubicle? Hopefully this graphic will help you laugh off the idiosyncrasies of working in that little cube.
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