What factors go into choosing a career?

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Today’s infographic indulges the fantasy a little, tempering it with a needed splash of reality. After all, while some people require unique experiences in their dream career, others just want stability and good health benefits.


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What factors go into choosing a career? : I just want a stable career. Will I be satisfied in my job? How will my education affect ability to get a job? What is the most unique job I can have? I WANT MY JOB TO CONTRIBUTE TO A good quality OF LIFE. Most satisfying jobs. (according to CNN Money's survey of over 35,000 people) 1. Nurse Anesthetist 2. Anesthesiologist 3. Training & Development Manager 4. Education/Training Consultant 5. Creative Director 6. Nurse Practitioner 7. Human Resources Manager What do others consider satisfying? 1. Good health insurance and other benefits 2. Interesting work 3. Job security 4. Opportunity to learn new skills 5. Having a week or more of vacation 6. Being able to work independently 7. Recognition from coworkers growing AND declining OCCUPATIONS Network system & data communications analysts 53.36 Home health aides 50.01 Personal and home care aides 45.99 Computer software engineers,applications 34.01 Medical assistants 33.90 Management analysts 23.87 Registered nurses 22.20 Physicians and surgeons 21.79 Licensed practical & licensed vocational nurses 20.65 Construction laborers 20.49 FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR POSSIBLE CAREER VISIT The Bureau of Labor Statistics **WWW.BLS.GOV/HOME.HTM** % CHANGE 2008-2018 -40.70 Textile winding,twisting,and drawing out machine setters,operators, and tenders -33.66 Sewing machine operators -30.32 Postal service mail sorters,processors, and processing machine operators -26.73 Lathe and turning machine tool setters,operators,and tenders -26.12 Order clerks -24.31 Photographic processing machine operators -23.36 File clerks -22.15 Machine feeders and offbearers -21.54 Paper goods machine setters,operators, and tenders -18.60 Computer operators FOR MORE UNIQUE CAREER IDEAS VISIT Job Monkey **WWW.JOBMONKEY.COM/UNIQUE JOBS** I DONT WANT MY JOB TO FEEL LIKE work! honeymoon tester bee keeper snake milker celebrity body art dealer travel writer Surfboard Shaper comedian cake decorator UNEMPLOYMENT RATE 5. BASED ON EDUCATION *2009 2.3% Doctoral degree 3.9% Master's degree 5.2% Bachelor's degree 6.8% Associate degree 9.7% High School Graduate

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