How To Sell Your Old Clothes Online


1. Gather Clothing Items You No Longer Want

Wash your items and examine them closely for imperfections. Make a list of the items you want to tell, taking note of brand, colour, size and condition. Take as many measurements as possible. This is helpful to the customer and saves them having to message you to ask questions. 'Used-like new' items and branded items usually sell best second hand.

2. Take clear digital photos

It needs to be clear what you are selling. Avoid distractions in the background - no one wants to see your sofa or pet in the photo. Take photos of the front and back of your item and of any close up detailing you might want the customer to see. Hang your clothing from a rail or door knob or invest in a body form to display your clothes. The better the picture quality, the more money your clothes will sell for.

3. Make a Website

If you plan to sell a lot of clothes, you might want to create a website to display your items. You could even sell your items here by adding an ecommerce widget to your website. Determine your target market. This will help you with customising your website, marketing and advertising. Select a unique domain name that your customers can easily remember and come back to.

4. Put your items on eBay

Try putting your items on eBay. You are able to set your starting price as low as you are will to sell the item. Lower prices encourage most people to bid.

There are some alternative virtual markets to sell your old clothes. Etsy and ASOS Marketplace are great for people who love fashion and want to buy and sell quality and unwanted clothes - especially if you are selling vintage and handmade clothing.

5. Write a detailed description

Make sure you have a strong title and a clear description of your items. Make your description specific so it's easy to search for. Any flaws should be pointed out in the description. Words like 'beautiful' and 'vintage' in the description will make your items more likely to sell. You should also state the original price of the item so that your customer can see what a bargain they're getting!

6. Use Pinterest to advertise your items

Advertise your clothing shop by using social-networking sites such as Facebook or online forums. Create a one-page catalogue to share your items online.

Pinterest is a great place to post your clothing catalogue and will get re-pins and shares from people. The more your items get seen, the higher chance they have of being sold. This will also build on your reputation as a seller.

7. Be aware of fashion trends

When you are selling your old clothes you should be aware of the latest fashion trends. Fashion trends come back around, and you never know when your 80's mini skirt will be tomorrow's most wanted item. Follow fashion boards on Pinterest, or these influential fashion bloggers on twitter for the latest trends @Stylist Magazine @Grazia @Shortlist @GQ @Elle

8. Be topical

As well as watching fashion trends, you should also be aware of topical trends which can help sell your item. A celebrity may have been seen in a similar item of clothing to the one you are selling. Use the celebrities name in your description to help in searches. Use the 'as seen on' tag when listing your item to give your clothing more value.

9. Safe payment option

Give your buyers a safe option to make payments with. Most web buyers prefer to use PayPal to make their purchases with, so no personal account information is ever revealed. Another option is Google Checkout, it works in a similar way to PayPal providing secure transactions, but you will need a Google account to use it. This makes the payment process easy and worry-free for both you and the customer.

10. Postage & Packaging

Whether the customer has spent 99p or Σ90, you should treat them exactly the same. Everybody is important. Wrap your items well especially if they are fragile. Spend an extra few pence on a fresh new mailing bag.

For a personal touch wrap the clothes in tissue paper or add a business card to your package. This will often makes the customer return

How To Sell Your Old Clothes Online

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Is your closet is bursting with unworn clothing? Then follow our instructagraphic & turn your clutter into cash.
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