How To Never Give Up On Becoming An Entrepreneur

How To Never Give Up

on becoming an entrepreneur

by Anna Vital

stay alive:

Say you are 30 now. You got about 60 years, say it takes 3 months to do a big project. That's 60 x 12 mos /3= 240 SHOTS at success!

As long as you are alive, anything is still possible.

lower your expectations:

Michael Jordan missed over 300 important shots.

99.99% of success took TIME.


You are stronger than you think.


Stuck in the weeds?

"try lots of different things." - Paul Graham

fake it:

Fake success before it's real.

don't compare

Careful. This can kill you. Don't compare yourself to people who already succeeded. They have their own story. You don't really know that story.

the dip

Right before success you will face the worst.


How To Never Give Up On Becoming An Entrepreneur

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One more howto, which may become a page for our book Becoming an Entrepreneur (, the one that talks about failure, giving up, starting up again, and the odds of success
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