Hollywood History

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Have you ever thought about the Hollywood History? What about the first ever color feature film made?Would you like to know which were the first eight inductees on Hollywood Walk of Fame? The Hollywood History Infographic is a large infographic from HollywoodHillsHomes.com that was released as a part of the informative sections of their website, where you can get information about neighborhoods, enclaves and communities in the residential paradise of Hollywood Hills. You won't find anywhere else all this information put together. More than 120 years of history about the pioneers, first filmmakers and studios along with many other aspects of this unique place where the most important part of movies' history took place in the last century. Hollywood hasn't just survived for 120 years as one of the most desired places in the world, it has thrived. They did a good job of showing the reader actual images of the place in different ages, pictures of celebrities and important players of the Hollywood game. This is a really good combination of history and design. The text descriptions are minimal and it's very easy to read top-to-bottom. It was really made to tell this long history for those who don't want to read dozens of pages.


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