A Brief History of Printing

A Brief History of Printing

Old Ancient Chinese

Ancient Chinese used link on carved wooden blocks

Johannes Gutenberg���s

Johannes Gutenberg���s printing press in the 1940s ��� with mechanical moveable type, first mass-production manufacturing machine

1473 William Caxton

William Caxton printed the first book to be published in English, ���Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye���, in 1473.

Spread to Europe

By the early 1600s, printing presses had spread to cities across Europe.

1814 Steam powered Printing Press

In 1814, Fredrick Koenig and Andrew Friedrich Bauer (Koenig & Bauer ) sold their new steam powered printing press to The Times Newspaper

Letterpress Printing

Middle of the 19th Century ハラヨ letterpress printing

1890 Colour Lithography

Colour Lithography popular from the 1890s supported by celebrated artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec, Matisse and Picasso

Digital Printing

Late 20th century ハラヨ Digital Printing (Xerox iGen4)

A Brief History of Printing

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