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Healthy Diet and Nutrition for A Yogi

HEALTHY DIET AND NUTRITION FOR A YOGI A Yogic Diet is a Balanced Combination of: Vegetables Fruits Legumes Nuts Grains Dairy products Yogic Healthy Eating Plan PURPOSE Cleansing, weight loss, clearing r Transition to a more energetic and higher frequency vibration; to become more in harmony with world. mucus Break negative food habits, be happy your body and with your Physical Mental Spiritual Foods to Avoid or Reduce When Following a Yogic Diet 1. Meat and tish of all types, including eggs 2. Processed and/or artificial foods, junk food, artificial sweeteners, soda 3. Animal fats, margarine 4. Fried foods 5. Canned foods, canned tomatoes cept naturally fruit 6. White flour, white sugar 7. Garlic, onions, spked foods 8. Stale or overly foods, 9. Microwaved foods 10. Alcohol, tobacco, stimulants 11. Foods that are genetically engineered 12. Foods that are eaten in a rush or in a disturbed environment Foods to Eat When Following a Yogic Diet 1. Fruits of all types, especially those that are naturally sweet 2. All vegetables, except onions and garlic 3. Whole grains, especially oats, wheat, and rice 4. Beans, tofu, mung, aduki 5. Plant-based oils, like sesame, sunflower, and olive oil 6. Nuts and seeds, yet not salted or overly roasted 7. Natural, raw sugar, maple, molasses 8. Herbal teas, water with lemon and/or lime 9. Sweet spices, like cinnamon, cardamom, mint, basil, turmeric, ginger, cumin, fennel 10. Food prepared with love, and gratitude given betore consumption Akshi Yogashala

Healthy Diet and Nutrition for A Yogi

shared by akshiyoga on Jan 16
Yoga prefers pure and vegetarian food as a best for to nourish our body and mind and smooth the development of Sattva, (higher level of awareness, connectivity, and peace with our own self). Healthy a...


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