Foods that Increase Breast Size

Foods That Increase Breast Size

Excessive production of testosterone will suppress the growth of breast in woman and it has been one of the main reasons for small breasts.

Foods that help in Breast Enhancement

Control testosterone production
Increases the production Whole Grains
of estrogen Chicken Improve the breast
Enhance production for
estrogen hormone Green leafy
Cherries & strawberries Stimulate
release of
Increase breast size Apples, walnuts
Fenugreek, Wild Yam and Prevent the
Saw Palmetto strech marks
as breast size
Green leaves & veggies
Saw palmetto Berry oil
Fennel seeds
Chickpeas & black-eyed-peas

Reverse atrophy of Contain a high level Contain flavonids
mammary gland estrogen compound that exerts

Estrogen, a female hormone that plays vital role in Breast-Enhancement and helps women in attaining a perfect curve for their body.

Foods rich in Estrogen

Fruits Vegetables Grains Seeds Herbs & spices
Apple Beets Barley Flax Seeds Garlic
Cherries Carrots Rice Sunflower Parsley
Plums Cucumbers Wheat Fennel seeds Clover

Food items that contain Phytoestrogen (mcg/100g)
for every 4 ounces

Soya Bean Sprouts 789.6 mcg 183.5 mcg Dried Prunes
Garlic 603.6 mcg 64.5 mcg Peaches
Vegetables Winter squash 113.7 mcg 51.6 mcg strawberry Fruits
Green beans 105.8 mcg 47.6 mcg Raspberry
Collards 101.3 mcg 2.9 mcg Watermelon


Nuts Beverages
Pistachios 382.5 mcg Red Wine 53.9mcg
Chesnuts 210.2 mcg Green Tea 13 mcg
Wallnuts 139.5 mcg White Wine 12.7 mcg
Cashews 121.9 mcg Black Tea 2.7 mcg

Few surprising stats about women breast

Average number of bras
that a woman owns - 9
In United States, women In America, 8 out of
using implants - 5 million women wear a wrong
size bra

In last 15 years, average bra Annually, amount spent
size increased - 34B to 36C. on bras worldwide
- $15 billion
Every 1 out of 8 women suffers In 2009, women enlarged
from breast cancer in lifetime their breast size
by cosmetic surgery
Average number of bras
that a woman wears - 6.

Interesting facts about breasts

Average milk produced every day by pair of breasts - 1 liter.

Nipple gets swelled during the sexual arousal - by 1 centimeter

65% Over 65% of British men said breasts are most attractive parts in women

It's common misconception that bras will increase the risks of breast cancer

Left breast is bit bigger Nipple's size varies Average
than the right breast from women to women. Brast -

Breast size averages

35.9 inches Average breast size of an Anmerican female -35.9 inches

1.4 inches Average areola size -1.4 inches

0.27 inches Average nipple size when erected - 0.27 inches
34B Average bra cup size of American women -34B

Average breast cup size in different countries

D cup B cup
C cup A cup

A cup China, Thailand, Japan, Kenya, Oman, Indonesia, Yemen
B Cup Saudi Arabia, India, New Zealand, Spain, Egypt
C Cup Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Brazil
D Cup United States, Germany, Iceland, Poland
D+ Cup Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland

Foods that Increase Breast Size

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Estrogen female hormone helps females to get right body curves it also plays an important role breasts. Estrogen found fruits, herbs, spices, grains seeds. Some food items apples, plums, peppers, cucu...
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