Fascinating Facts About the Human Brain

Fascinating Facts About the Human Brain
Decoding your brain
3 lbs
85% of the brain is cerebrum
60% of the brain is fat the most of any organ
75% of the brain is water
40% is white matter (dendrites and axons)
60% is gray matter (neurons)
100 billion: numbers of neurons
1,000 – 10,000: number of synapses per neuron
250,000 neurons produced per minute in early pregnancy
18 approximate age at which brain stops growing
12 Strange but true brain facts
Your brain recognizes your touch, so you can’t tickle yourself
Dreaming requires more brain activity than nay waking function
You have an average of 70,000 thoughts per day
Your brain generates 10-23 watts of electricity
Stress alters brain cells and functions
Music increases brain organization
The amygdala in your brain lets you read facial cues
Your brain needs 20% of your blood and oxygen to function
You use your entire brain, not just the 10% that is often rumored
Your brain can’t feel pain: a headache involves nerves and muscles in your head
A brain chemical called Oxycontin makes you feel love
There are 100,000 miles of blood vessels in your brain

Fascinating Facts About the Human Brain

shared by BrittSE on May 17
The brain may stop growing by age 18, but it produces 250,000 neurons per minute in early pregnancy! See more of the human brain’s most impressive qualities on this infographic created by a neurolog...


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