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Difference between Yoga & Meditation

GWhat is Difference Between LYoga & Meditation? Yoga What is yoga? Yoga is a spiritual, mental and physical discipline, which helps attain permanent peace. But over the years, yoga is associated with physical fitness. Benefits of yoga: Meditation - All round fitness Weight loss - Relieves stress What is meditation? - Improves immunity - Better posture - Increases energy Meditation is a part of yoga, which should ideally be followed after yoga asanas. Meditative techniques take you through energising the body and intellect. Mediation also improves breathing and the mind, and eventually self-realisation. Benefits of meditation: - Stress relief - Lowers high blood pressure and tension-related pain like headaches, insomnia, ulcers and joints pain too. - Improves the mood, immunity, alertness and energy. Types of Yoga: There are several types of yoga asanas to improvedifferent elements in life, here are a few: Types of meditation: There are different meditative techniques to suit different purposes: - Mindful meditation - Kundalini - Reflective meditation - Mantra mediation Ashtanga Raja Yoga - Hatha Yoga - Swara Yoga Jnana Yoga - Bhakti Yoga - Manta Yoga - Focused meditation - Visualisation meditation AKSHI YOGA SHALA

Difference between Yoga & Meditation

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There is a difference between yoga and meditation. Yoga & Meditation has a variety of activities with a variety of goals. Here we will know difference between yoga & meditation with the help of their...


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