Blood Pressure Chart

Blood Pressure Chart

Systolic 50-65, Diastolic 35-45 - Medication Required

70-85, 50-55 - Too Low Meds May Be Required to Prevent Fainting Synocope

90-100, 60-65 - Athletes and Children

105-130, 70-85 - Excellent

135-145, 85-90 - Borderline Some Doctors Will Prescribe Meds

150-160, 95-100 - Too High Most Doctors Will Prescribe Meds

165-180, 100-110 - Far Too High Medication is Strongly Advised

185-230, 110-135 - Too High Medication is Absolutely Necessary To Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke

Blood Pressure Chart

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All Information related to Low and High Blood Pressure, Readings, Charts, Symptoms, Diagnosis and their treatment for Adults and Children
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