Autism the facts in Australia

Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Facts In Australia


1 in 100 children in Australia has ASD

More prevalanet than

Cerebral Palsy





25 fold increase over the past 30 years

Highly observed in age 5-14 years

18% female

82% male

More commonly found in males

This is consistent with overseas estimates. For example, The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in the US placed the female prevalence rate at somewhere between 17% and 20%


The average age at diagnosis is 3-5 years (but can recognize at 0-3 years). Poor socialization (>2 DSM-IV criteria) and delayed/deviant communication is observed. Also, it is found impaired behaviors, such as repetitiveness, compulsivity, restriction, or stereotypy. 60% of autism cases have intellectual disability.


Generally children age 6-8 years with Asperger's Syndrome are diagnosed. No early delay in communication but qualitative impairment later. Behavioral phenotypes are similar to autism but it is characterized by a mild range (or none) of intellectual disability.


Pervasive Developmental Disorder - not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) has variable ranges of phenotypes in age of recognition/diagnosis, regression, intellectual disability (mild to severe) and impaired socialization/communication/behaviors.


20 fold increase in risk for 1st relatives

90 co-occurence in identical twins

103 genes and 44 genomic loci found so far

Brief Look for ASD Candidate Genes

Chromosome 2

Neurexin 1

Rare CNV Variants and balanced chromosomal abnormalities

Chromosome 3

Contactin 4

Deletion of the short arm of Chromosome 3

Chromosome 5

5P 14.1

Association with intergenic region

Chromosome 7


Homozygous Recessive Mutation

Engrailed 2

Assocation and Functional Studies

Met Oncogene

SNP in a Regulatory Upstream

Chromosome 16

16P 11.2

Deletions and duplications

Chromosome 22


De novo and transmitted structural and sequence variation

Chromosome X

Neuroligin 3

Functional missense mutation

Neuroligin 4X

Found nonsense mutation

Autism the facts in Australia

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The fact of Autism in Australia - prevalence, diagnosis, and genetics. The fact is based on the statistics from Australian Bureau of Statistics
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