Amazing Facts About The Human Body

Everybody's Got a Body
If you've ever had a WTF? moment in the mirror, you're not alone. Here's 11 quick facts about just how weird the human body really is.

1. The average American eats 14,820 Pounds of mean in their lifetime.
If you wanted to eat all that meat from just one animal, you'd need to harpoon yourself a large minke whale.*
* does not condone the consumption os whales, minke or otherwise.

2 There's a common myth out there that we use only 10% of our brains. But fMRI and PET scan imaging has shown that we use almost all of our brain. Just think: your brain is working at pretty much full capacity right now, reading this stupid list. Oh look, there goes a fly! Why not chase after it?

3. Like fingerprints, everybody's tongue print is unique.
If some pervert broke into your house and licked all your stuff, that perp could be identified by their tongue.

4.In one hour, you shed 600,000 particles of skin. Over the course of a year, all those particles pile up to 1.5 lbs., the same weight as an Ipad.
Which would you rather have: 1.5 pounds of skin or an iPad? If you answered "a pile of skin," they you're spending too much time on the internet.

5. Your Brain can remember over 50,000 different scents.
Smells like pumpkin pie, licorice, lavender and doughnuts have been shown to increase male arousal. Axe Body Spray has been shown to increase arousal in make believe women.

6. The human thighbone is stronger than concrete and capable of supporting 30 times it's own volume and weight.
The next time you find yourself in a bar brawl, try swinging one around. How to come into possession of a human thighbone, you ask? Cannibalizing your opponent after you win a bar brawl, of course.

7. Garfield was right: Mondays are a bummer. Studies have found that blood pressure tends to rise on Monday Morning.
The stress of going back to work may also be a reason why emergency rooms see higher numbers of heart attacks every Monday. Monday 5

8. There's enough pressure in you heart to squirt blood 30 feet.
It's too bad there wasn't a "Vampire Super Soaker" scene in Twilight.

9. You're born with over 300 bones, but as you age some of them fuse together leaving you with 206 by the time you're an adult.
Pro Tip: If you have kids, tell them the monster under their bed removes one of their bones every time they won't put their shoes on.

10. You may have heard that a sneeze travels over 100 miles per hour but this is not true.
Mythbusters found that the typical sneeze travels just under 40 m.p.h. If your disappointed by that fact, please remember that sneezing is not a sign of virility. 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 mph

11. During a typical lifetime, a man will grow 27 feet of beard/moustache hair our of his face.
If there's not yet a name for this (sadly hypothetical) 27 foot long beard, how about "The Dirty Wedding Train?"

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Amazing Facts About The Human Body

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The human body is capable of many strange and incredible things. The infographic below, which comes courtesy of, shows just how weird -- and ridiculously awesome -- the human ...
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