40 Facts about Fitness

40 Facts about FITNESS

Love your Body & Improve Your Life!

1 You would need to drink a quart of milk every day for three to four months to drink as much blood as your pumps in one hour.

2 Tongue print are as unique as fingerprints.

3 Underwater swimming is the only time you should hold your breath while exercising.

4 Your body has approximately 60,000 miles of blood vessels that not only oxygenate the tissues of the body and unburden them of waste, but also exact as stringent regulators of the body's environment.

5 Muscle is 3 times more efficient at burning calories than fat.

6 The human body has more than

1 2 3 4 5 x 130

650 muscles.

7 Your tongue is the only muscle in your body that is attached at only one end.

8 When you stand up, if you didn't have valves in your veins, all the blood in your body would literally fall downward, filling up your feet and legs.

9 71% of men admit that they should exercise more.

10 The pink under your fingernails is the blood in your capillaries.

11 your heart rests between each beat. Over a normal lifespan, your heart stands still for about 20 years.

12 Forward locomotion such as walking or running is actually the process of losing and catching one's balance.

13 Your heart is about the size of your fist and weighs about as much as a softball.

14 Your brain weighs about 3 pounds,is pinkish gray in color and is about the size of a cauliflower.

15 Drink plenty of water all throughout the day, especially when working out.

16 The human body has 45 miles of nerves.

17 The three bones of the middle ear are so small all three could easily fit on your thumbnail.

18 A person breathes 7 quarts of air every minute.

19 Your heart is the strongest muscle of your body and beats about 100,000 times in one day, in an average adult.

20 Forward locomotion such as walking or running is actually the process of losing and catching one's balance.

21 If all 600 muscles in your body pulled in one direction, you could lift 25 tons.

22 Your brain receives 100 million nerve messages each second from your senses.

23 The human nervous system can relay messages to the brain at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour.

24 A pound of Fat takes 3500 calories to burn.

25 In the course of a lifetime, the resting heart will have pumped enough blood to fill 13 supertankers.

26 In one day, some 4000 children and teenagers take up smoking.

27 Almost half the human body's weight is made from one of three types of muscle tissue.

28 Carry a pair of hand weight as you walk- this will tone your muscles and burn extra calories.

29 Nearly 50% of young people aged 12-21 are not vigorously active on a regular basis.

30 We need light in order to see. Animals that live in deep caves or in the great depths of the ocean where there is no light are often blind or have no eyes at all.

31 If the 300,000,000 tiny air sacs (alveoli) in your lungs could be laid our flat,they would cover a home swimming pool.

32 Each muscle fiber is thinner than a human hair and can support up to 1,000 times its weight.

33 Did you know that for every 1 lb. of muscle you again,your body burns an extra 50 calories/day.

34 Your blood rushes through your arteries with enough pressure to lift a column of blood 5 feet into the air.

35 If you are 25 lbs.overweight, you have nearly 5,000 extra miles of blood vessels through which your heart must pump blood.

36 A muscle moves by contracting and by its motion, you move. As a machine for moving, a muscle is pretty efficient, using about 35-50% of its potential energy.

37 The average person walks 70,000 miles during his lifetime.

38 69% of men consider themselves to be physically fit.

39 Approximately 30.3 percent of children aged 6 to 11 are overweight and 15.3 percent are obese.

40 13% of men actually are physically fit.

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40 Facts about Fitness

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Here are some of the interesting facts about human body and health that you probably never knew. Knowing these should give you yet another reason to love your body and take care of your health.
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