The 3 Body Types

Know Your Body Type


Typically Skinny

Small frame

Lean Muscle Mass

Doesn���t Gain Weight Easily

Fast Metabolism

Flat Chest

Small Shoulders

Workout Type:

Short & Intense

Focus on Big Muscle groups

Eat Before Bed to prevent muscle catabolism


Athletic & Rectangular Shape

Hard body, Defined Muscles

Naturally strong

Gains muscle easily

Gains fat easier than ectomorphs

Broad shoulders

Workout Type:

Cardio & Weight Training

Responds best to weight training

Watch calorie intake


Soft & Round body

Typically ハラモShort & Stockyハラン

Gains Muscle easily

Gains Fat Very easily

Finds it hard to lose fat

Slow metabolism

Large shoulders

Workout Type:

Always Do Cardio Training and Weight training

Watch calorie intake

The 3 Body Types

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Know Your Body type so that you can get the best out of your training. There are 3 body types which are ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. Here i've compiled the 3 into a simple chart so you can gage...
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Linora Low
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