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Online Baccarat Guide - Infographic

ONLINE W.IN GUIDE BANKE: BACCARAT PLATC Baccarat is a very old card game which presumably was invented in Italy in the year 1400. The game comes from the Italian word "zero". This is related to the fact that the cards - tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings have a value of zero. Nowadays this game is famous mainly due to the James Bond – a famous British agent who was a huge fan of this game. The game, also referred to as Punto (player) Banco (bank) is played from a "shoe" loaded with 4-8 decks of conventional playing cards. me of the Felix Falguiere an Italian is considered as the founding father of Baccarat Earlier, Tarot Cards were used in place of Playing Cards. The game was introduced the French by Italians during the reign of Charles VIII of France from 1483-1498 Johannes Gutenberg was the first to print playing cards in 1455. Before you start to play baccarat you should determine your bankroll for the game - after that you can place the bets and start your game! 4 Baccarat is a simple game, where one can place bets on three single types of bets: Banker bet, Player bet or a Tie (standoff). To place a bet put your chips (equivalent of money) on one of the sections and wait for the dealer move. THE BASIC STEPS Baccarat is a popular casino game also known The game of Baccarat requires three casino dealers and up to as PUNTO BANCO. 12 TO 14 PLAYERS. 25 100 TIE TIE BET TIE BET ВET Players can either bet on Punto or Banco. Players bet on the possibilities of each win and gamble accordingly. Players may opt not to deal, by passing the 'Shoe' to the next player. 1 Each hand consists of a minimum of two and a maximum of three cards. The two cards are put face down. The punto passes them to the dealing player who later turns over the cards of both hands whils the dealer announces the results. If any of the two hands acquire a total of 8 or 9, then no more further cards are dealt. Once dealing is complete, the hand with the highest count wins. The losing bets are collected first and winning bets are then pain. THE RULES TO FOLLOW BANK PLAYER PLAYER 2 TIE 8 FOR 1 BANK BANK 6 BANK BANK PLAYEP AYER 1 3 Baccarat is played using a six-deck or an eight-deck A third card may be dealt to either or The face cards and 10 cards have zero value in the game and both the player (Punto) and the bank (Banco) based on the three-card-rules. shoe. the rest cards retain their face value. Rules and Strategies As indicated above, a full set of rules for baccarat is available on our website at OnlineCasinosElite. As far as strategies are concerned, there really aren't any viable ways to improve a player's odds of winning. Some players have tried the Martingale betting system with mixed results. You can check our "Gambling Tips and Tricks" page for further information. The page is available under the "Getting Started" menu item. ONLINE © Casinos Elite WORLD GAMBLING ENTERTAINMENT TIE TIE BA ANKER PLAY PLAYER ...... Www BANK PLAYER PLAYER

Online Baccarat Guide - Infographic

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Baccarat is an old game which gains new generation of fans. In the beginning it might seem confusing but overall it’s one of the easiest casino games.


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