LEGO Brick Timeline

1932 Ole Kirk Christiansen, master carpenter, establishes his business in Billund, Denmark. Starts manufacturing stepladders, ironing boards stools and wooden toys.

1934 Company renames itself to LEGO, from Danish "Leg Godt." It means "play well." In Latin, LEGO means "I put together."

1939 Germany and Soviet Union invade Poland. WWII start.

1940 Hitler invades Denmark and Norway.

1945 Germany surrenders. Hitler kills himself, he never got to play LEGO or invade Legoland (take that, sucker!)

1947 Lego buys its first plastic injection-molding machine for making toys.


1955 LEGO launches the first LEGO system of Play, with 28 sets and eight vehicles. The first ancestor of the modern LEGO sets.

1958 The original LEGO brick, with its studs-and-tube coupling system is born: at January 28 1958 1:58 pm, the original patent is filed.


1961 LEGO invents the wheel.

1966 The first LEGO train system and the first electric motor (4.5 volts) is introduced.

1967 The LEGO Duple brick is invented, so the youngest kids can play without risks.

1973 LEGO starts operations in the US and selling products directly.

1974 LEGO figures are born, but they are still made of bricks.

1977 LEGO TECHNIC. set made more complex pieces for advanced builders, is introduced.

1978 The LEGO minifig is born. Without arms or faces! (Thank god this was solved a year later)

1979 LEGOLAND Space is introduced, the first LEGO theme. (incidentally, the Galaxy Explorer was the first LEGO I remember having and still my favorite)

1984 LEGOLAND Castle is born, woth one of the largest LEGO sets ever

1989 LEGOLAND Pirates arrive to port. Aye aye!


1996 Google co-founder, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, use bricks as the external low-cost and expandable casing for 10 4- GigaByte hard disks when they were busy developing the Google search engine.

1998 The first LEGO MINDSTORMS is introduced.

1999 LEGO Star Wars launches into space. The Force is strong in this one and becomes the best selling LEGO line ever.


2001 LEGO BIONICLE is introduced. Whatever.

2006 LEGO MINDSTROMS NXT is introduced. Very sophisticated but easier to use than the previous generation.

2008 50th Anniversary of the LEGO block. Worldwide happiness ensues.

LEGO Brick Timeline

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The LEGO brick turns 50 at exactly 1:58 p.m. today, January 28, 2008. This timeline shows these 50 years of building frenzy by happy kids and kids-at-heart, all the milestones from the LEGOLAND themed...
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